Southwest Airlines Seat Selection Policy

southwest Airlines Seat Selection

Can I Select Seats on Southwest Airlines in Advance?

No, Southwest Airlines does not allow customers to select a seat of their choice in advance. Upon check-in, you are assigned a boarding group (A, B, C) with a boarding position of 1 to 60, and you board the plane. The Southwest Airlines Seat Selection process starts once you board the plane and is a first-come, first-served system. So, according to the boarding groups assigned to you, you get a seat on the plane.

But how does this open-seating process work? What are these groups? If you are wondering or simply worried about your favorite seats getting occupied first, read below the overall Southwest airlines boarding and seat selection information.

Does Southwest Airlines allow seat selection?

Have you read the Southwest Airlines seat selection policy? If not, you must explore the seat selection policy of the airline for a hassle-free experience. As per this policy, the airline allows you to select your seat after boarding the flight. No passenger is allowed to pick their seats in advance. There are no advanced-picked seats; it’s first come and first seated.

The airline follows a unique boarding process and an open-seating pattern. It simply means that you can sit wherever you want. So, if you choose the first boarding group, you can sit on your favorite seat. However, if someone is already sitting in your preferred seat, you have to find a new spot for yourself. Know about your Southwest Airlines seat choice, and join the boarding group accordingly.

However, you still need to meet the physical requirements if you want to sit in an exit row. Only children below 2 years are allowed to sit in someone else’s lap.

How does seat selection work on Southwest?

As mentioned above, there are no assigned seats on Southwest Airlines. You can just board the flight and choose the seat to your liking. However, it is based on a first-come and first-serve basis; therefore, you need to board the flight early if you wish to sit on your favorite seat. Check out the seating on Southwest flights, and sit on the seat that matches your interest the best.

Join the boarding group that suits your preferences, and board the flight accordingly. It will help you pick your seat without any hassle.

How does the Southwest Airlines boarding process work?

Rather than allowing passengers to choose their seats in advance, Southwest Airlines follows the open-seating pattern. The airline has different boarding groups; these boarding groups decide which passenger will choose the seat first. Pick your seat with Southwest Airlines after boarding the flight.

There are different boarding groups for Southwest Airlines, which are A, B, or C. Additionally, there are boarding positions from 1-60. Moreover, you will get the boarding group during the check-in. Find your boarding group on your boarding pass. First of all, Group A boards, followed by Group B, and then Group C.

If you get the A1, you will be among the first ones to board the flight. After getting your boarding group, board the flight, select your desired seat, stow your luggage, and take off to your destination. The Southwest seat selection process is simple, which gives everybody an equal chance to reserve their seats.

What is the boarding order of Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines has different boarding orders, and passengers will board the flight as per those boarding groups. Check out the Southwest boarding groups order, from first to last-


Do you have a specific seating need to accommodate your disability? You must request the pre-boarding during the check-in. If you need boarding help, or extra time to board the flight, you should get the pre-boarding. To be a part of the pre-boarding group, you have to speak to the Southwest Airlines agent at the ticket counter. The agents will check whether you meet the pre-boarding criteria. They will give you the pre-boarding if you are eligible. Moreover, there is no Southwest Airlines seat selection fee to select their desired seats. People with pre-boarding are not permitted to get the exit row seat.

The A Group

The first ones to board the Southwest Airlines flight are passengers who have A1-A15 boarding positions. This boarding group is usually filled with elite flyers, passengers with Southwest Business Select fares, and those who paid extra to get the boarding group. You can purchase this boarding group online as well via the Southwest upgraded boarding portal. Moreover, the rest of group A has A16-A60 boarding positions. For Southwest seat selection reservations to your liking, you must be in this boarding group.

Other people with disabilities

Need extra time to board but unable to join the pre-boarding group? Then you can board the flight after Group A. Talk to the Southwest Airlines executives to get this boarding group and take your time to board the flight. Once you get the boarding group, board the flight without any hassle.

Active-duty military in uniform and families

This boarding group boards the flight before boarding groups B and C. If you are flying with a kid of 6 years or younger, you can get this boarding group. Family boarding group is especially for flyers who are traveling with their families. Moreover, military members who are in their uniform can board with this boarding group.

Groups B and C

As you know by now, Southwest Airlines plane seating is simple and effective. You can board the flight with ease by getting the appropriate boarding group. The rest of the passengers will board the flight with group B. If there is a large flight, there will be boarding group C.

Initiate the “Southwest Airlines book a flight” process, and board the flight hassle-free as per your boarding group.

How can I get a better boarding position on my flight?

Although your boarding position on Southwest Airlines depends on the time you check in, there are some ways that can guarantee a better option to board. Here are some simple methods to get a good boarding position on flights:

  • Download the official mobile app of Southwest Airlines and get a push notification to remind you to check in 24 hours before the take-off.
  • From 24 hours prior to take-off, an upgraded boarding option becomes available where customers can choose A1 to A15 boarding. (subject to availability)
  • You can also purchase EarlyBird Check-in if it’s available and skip the traditional 24-hour before period to automatically check-in for flights. This option may not offer you Boarding Group A, but it will definitely improve your seat options.
  • If you purchase or upgrade to a Business Select fare with the airline, you can get an A1 to A15 boarding group for sure.

This way, ensure that you can board early and select a seat on Southwest Airlines plane of your choice. For more information, contact someone and receive expert advise.

Final Words

If you want to select a seat with Southwest, you can only wait for your boarding group information and see where you stand. Contact tripohlz for any assistance before or after the process of booking a Southwest flight and enjoy your vacations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the seats the same on Southwest flights?

No, seats are not different on Southwest flights. From Business Select and Anytime to Wanna Get Away and Wanna Get Away Plus fare, seat size is the same.

Why does Southwest not assign seats?

With its open seating policy, Southwest assures faster boarding. So, flights take less time at the ground and more above the clouds, resulting in more revenue generation.

Does Southwest seat you together?

You can occupy any vacant seat. As Southwest doesn’t assign seats, you can choose to sit with your travel companion. With a better boarding group and number, you can select from the seats available.

How many seats are in a Southwest group?

There are 60 seats in every boarding group of Southwest.

Southwest Airlines Seat Selection Policy
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