Southwest Airlines Group Booking

Southwest Airlines Group Booking

Traveling is the most surreal yet relaxing experience of our life. However, when we travel with family, friends, and loved ones, travel becomes even more amazing.

Southwest Airlines knows how to let you spend a blissful time with your close ones. Do you want to know how? Well, Southwest Airlines group travel offered by this airline makes travel fun and budget-friendly.

Furthermore, the availability of various deals and offers on group travel lets travelers jump for joy.

Have you been planning a family trip for a very long time now? It’s time to book with ease with Southwest Airlines.

What is Southwest’s group travel program?

Is it a business trip, or are you traveling with your family members? No matter what it is, Southwest will let you do it.

  • Keeping in mind the needs of its travelers, Southwest Airlines has starring offering Southwest vacation group travel packages.
  • Most individuals ask, “How many people in a group travel Southwest? When 10 or more 10 individuals are planning to travel, you need to make group bookings with this airline.
  • Moreover, the Southwest group travel discount lets travelers book air tickets at affordable prices.
  • This program aims to make air travel cost-effective, allowing people to get sets on the same flight by paying a minimal price.
  • You can book for both international and domestic flights.
  • The method of making the bookings is easy. Simply dial the Southwest Airlines group travel phone number 1-800-433-5368 and get in touch with the travel experts and finalize your tickets in no time.

The group travel option is available for different groups. These are the groups you can book for-

  • Weddings
  • Music groups
  • Religious groups
  • Large families
  • Business groups
  • Family groups
  • Sports teams
  • School groups

So, no matter what your travel purpose is, it will be fulfilled with the Southwest Airlines group travel.

Overview of the Southwest group travel policy

It is always a good idea to have detailed information on the group travel policy. Furthermore, knowing the policy is a must to make your travel a hassle-free experience.

The airline sets these rules and regulations to make people’s trips the best of all times. Let’s proceed and find out about these points.

  • First and foremost, remember group tickets are non-refundable.
  • The group reservations are not eligible for Southwest group travel refunds, upgradation, changes, or even standby.
  • Furthermore, there are no paper tickets for this type of reservation. So, only the e-tickets or electronically generated tickets are accepted.
  • Modes through which flyers can pay for these tickets are through credit card, UATP, Paypal, and wire transfers.
  • People cannot use Southwest gift cards, flight credits, eChecks, or Southwest LUV vouchers for group travel reservations.
  • Moreover, you are eligible to complete the Southwest group travel name change as many times as you want to. Travelers can make changes in bookings upto 72 hours prior to the departure time of the flight.
  • In the case of Southwest Airlines group travel, people can hold their boarding position in advance. In order to do so, head to the official site of the airline and check in 24 hours before the departure time of the flight.
  • In addition, the deposits aren’t considered as the Southwest group travel payment. The deposit amount is refunded within 5 business days after the final payment of the booking is made.
  • Tickets bought as group reservations are not eligible for the early bird Southwest Airlines group travel check-in.
  • Lastly, Southwest group travel boarding passes are given by the travel experts of this airline once they verify your documents.

How to make Southwest group travel reservations?

Booking tickets with Southwest isn’t a complicated task. If you are planning to make a reservation for the first with this airline for the first time, then also you won’t face any queries. Those who plan to make the booking simply have to use the Southwest Airlines group travel phone number and get in touch with the travel experts. Furthermore, individuals might have some questions and queries about group bookings. So, people can ask all of them to the team and make their air travel even more hassle-free.

The team of Southwest will book the tickets by getting the details from you, such as passengers’ names, contact information, traveling dates, travel class, etc. Remember that no one books for group travel through the official site. Travelers can also fill out the Southwest group travel form available on the official site.

In the past so many years, a huge number of people have availed the group travel services. So, you can even find out about the Southwest group travel reviews and then decide accordingly.

How does Southwest Group travel work?

When passengers plan for group travel, having certain information is necessary.

There are two ways through which this process can be completed. First, the flyers have to submit the deposit to hold your booking.

Second, by paying the full amount and finalizing the group reservation with ease.

Submit the deposit

There are people who want to first hold the booking and then pay later to confirm it. Are you one such traveler? If yes, then you can do it. Furthermore, the Southwest group travel rates are minimal. By paying $50 as a deposit per person. The option to hold the bookings lets people feel satisfied with their travel plans. Once the travel plan is confirmed, individuals can finalize the booking.

Call the Southwest group travel number and get assistance from the travel representatives if you have any questions in mind.

Submit the final payment

As soon as the travel plans are confirmed, you need to get in touch with the travel team of Southwest Airlines.

  • Submit the list, including the name of travelers and other information this airline asks for.
  • Furthermore, on the official website, the contact information is mentioned. Use it to talk to the team and finalize your bookings in no time.
  • Moreover, you can make the payment using ways like credit card, UATP, and PayPal.
  • Those passengers who wish to make the payment through the wire transfer need to contact the airline using the phone number or the mail 7 days before the departure of the flight. Go ahead and drop a mail if you don’t have time to talk over call.
  • Make sure that you pay the whole amount before the final payment date. Once you pay the amount, then the airline will send instructions about the wire transfer.
  • In addition, no traveler is eligible to pay via physical checks, eChecks, and money orders.

The check-in process for Southwest Airlines group travel

The procedure set by Southwest Airlines for check-in of group bookings is different in comparison to the other reservations.

Furthermore, people can check in by following a simple set of steps in the correct order. By heading to the official site, travelers need to follow the steps in the right order and complete the check-in process.

  • Start by opening the web browser on your device.
  • Now, open the official site of Southwest or enter
  • Tap on the “check-in” option to obtain your boarding pass.
  • In this step, enter the first and last name of the flyer and the booking confirmation number.
  • Remember, you can check for each individual or the whole group.
  • Once this is done, the names will appear on your screen for those who have successfully logged in. Furthermore, the boarding pass will also appear on your screen.
  • Head to the airport ticket counter and collect all passengers’ boarding passes.

Note- In the case of international bookings, one is eligible for checking-in only for one traveler.

Why rely on Southwest Airlines group travel?

There are an endless number of reasons why relying on Southwest group bookings is a good idea.
Don’t even think twice before choosing it when you decide to plan for your next group trip.
Refer to the points below and know about the reasons why relying on Southwest booking is a good idea.

Don’t even think twice before choosing it when you decide to plan for your next group trip.

Refer to the points below and know about the reasons why relying on group travel is a good idea.

No hidden fees

No flyer has to pay any additional fee in order to book tickets for group travel. This airline works transparently, and thus there is no hidden fee. Therefore, no passenger has to make a hole in their pocket to make the bookings.

Multiple name changes

You can make the changes in the name as many times as you want to. Isn’t it such a helpful thing for passengers? Furthermore, one can change the name upto 72 hours prior to the departure of the flight time. At times, people enter the wrong name while booking. They realize that they need to change it later.

Flexible payment approach

The flexible approach makes group booking even more amazing and easy. One does not have to immediately pay for the booking. Therefore, individuals do not have any pressure to pay the whole amount there and then. This even gives the other person more time to think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do groups work on Southwest?

The travelers are assigned boarding groups- A,B, or C. You will find the group and position on your boarding pass. The team member of Southwest will let you board the aircraft as per their boarding group.

Does Southwest have vacation packages?

Yes, Southwest offers multiple vacation packages. Head to the airline’s official site and find out about these vacation packages. People can choose the package they find best for themself and book accordingly.

How do you get in the A group on Southwest?

In order to get the A group on Southwest, one should purchase the upgraded boarding. You can use this option 24 hours before the departure time of the flight. Furthermore, people get the boarding position from A1-A15.

Southwest Airlines Group Booking
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