What is Southwest Airlines Pet Travel Policy?

Southwest Airlines Pet Travel Policy

Is Southwest allowing pets to fly in the cabin or Checked baggage?

Pet Parents can never be at ease leaving their precious babies back home while they fly. So, they always tend to drag them along wherever they go. If you are also a pet parent wondering how to transport your pets safely or take them on the flights without a hitch, Southwest has got your back. Southwest Airlines Pet Policy allows the customers to take their vaccinated small domestic pets(mainly cats & dogs) onboard. Given that you have a TSA-approved Air carrier, your pet is free to travel in the cabin on any domestic flight with Southwest. For more details, you can check the details below and book your pets on Southwest flights accordingly.

How does Southwest Accept Pets Onboard?

Southwest has a simple yet detailed policy for your pets who travel with them. The airline’s rules in 2023 are well-defined for both pets and pet parents. If you are planning to take your pets along, check the Southwest Airlines pet travel policy ahead and take your furry babies onboard.

  • Small Dogs and Cats can travel with passengers in the domestic flight cabins of Southwest.
  • The pet’s carrier must be according to the rules described by the airline.
  • International flights do not allow pets to travel in the airline cabin.
  • You can check the pets at the airport ticket counter after informing the airline in advance.
  • Southwest will accept pets according to a First Come, First Served rule for up to 6 pets each flight.
  • One passenger can only bring one pet carrier along on a flight.
  • According to the airline rules, the number of total (6) pet carriers may reduce or extend.
  • Your pet with one of the following behavioural traits will not be permitted:
    • Excessive Whining, Barking or Scratching
    • Biting, Growling, or Lunging
    • Defecating or Urinating in gate or cabin area.
  • There are some specific requirements for the customers traveling to Puerto Rico, which they can check on the official website of the airline.
  • You can also take cremated pet remains after thorough TSA inspection at the security check and travel within the cabin.

You can also check the southwest.comn to know about their comprehensive pet policy and fly with your furry friends at ease. For better insights, call a Southwest airlines customer service representative and get immediate answers.

How Do You Book a Pet on Southwest Flights?

The number of pets on a Southwest flight are limited. So, the airline requires the customers to always book them before the flight departure to avoid any trouble. You can call 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) to book your pets on the Southwest flights. This number works for all the customers in the USA. Besides, the airline does not allow pets on international flights. So, always call the airline before time and bring your pet into an approved carrier. You can go to the airport check-in counter for domestic pet check-in and they can also clear the pet fare.

What are Southwest Airlines in-cabin Pets Carrier Guidelines?

Southwest allows pets in their cabins under the southwest pet policy in cabin,given that you follow all the rules and follow these carrier guidelines below:

  • Southwest has their branded pet carrier that is $58 incl. of tax available at their airport ticket counter.
  • The pet carrier of Southwest has 17X9.5 X 10 inches dimensions, and other carrier maximum allowed dimensions are 18.5X8.5 X 13.5 inches.
  • Any soft-side or hard-side pet carriers are welcome.
  • The carrier must be leak proof and properly ventilated.
  • Your pet carrier’s size should be enough to fit in under the seat in your front.
  • The pets must be able to fit inside the pet carrier and be able to sit, stand or move properly.
  • The carrier can have 2 cats or dogs of the same species if they do not exceed the size and weight requirements.
  • From the gate of the airport up until you get off the plane, your pet should remain inside the carrier.

Your pet carriers count as a personal or carry on bag on the flight. You can check the airline’s inter-island and international pet policy to bring them onboard accordingly.

Are there any additional restrictions for Southwest Airlines Pet Travel?

There are other restrictions on pet travel with Southwest Airlines including the weight limit, health requirements and more. You can check the points below before you book a pet with Southwest this year:

  • You can not send your pets to travel alone with Southwest Airlines
  • Unaccompanied minors can never bring pets to travel with them.
  • Any international itinerary does not permit the customers to bring pets.
  • If you are traveling with a pet, you can not take an exit row seat as it does not have a forward underseat storage option.
  • The age of the cat or dog should be at least 8 weeks for their air travel.
  • You can not share your pet’s carrier with a trained service animal.
  • The pets must be odorless, harmless, and non-disruptive.
  • Your pets may not require any additional attention throughout the flight.
  • Southwest does not have any checked baggage pet policy.
  • The pets may remain inside the carrier throughout the flight.
  • The airline asks pet parents to buy an additional non-refundable seat for any pet with a portable oxygen concentrator, or service animal.
  • The airline does not take responsibility for missed flights due to pet relief area transfers.
  • There will be no holds or delays in the departure for connecting flights customers taking their pets to the relief area.
  • The airline does not provide any first-aid or oxygen services for pets who get sick during the flight.
  • There is no emergency oxygen mask facility for cats or dogs.

Southwest is never liable for pet’s health or well-being as they are carry-on animals. Also, check the pet policy for Southwest to see how you provide a health certificate of the oet.

Can I Bring a Trained Service Animal?

Yes, you can. Southwest only accepts dogs as trained service animals. The airline needs you to submit a request in advance while booking new tickets and add the animal under special assistance. There are several documents that the airline may require before you can take your pets along. Check the airline’s website for service dog policy by Southwest Airlines and confirm your pet travel.

The airline also allows therapy pets under this policy and you need to pay a certain fee to send them along. You must also consider the acceptance laws and other requirements set by Southwest before making a go at the pet booking.

How much is the Southwest Pet Fee?

Southwest will charge you a $95 fare for each pet carrier you bring. The airline charges this refundable fee from customers traveling with their pets. So, worry not, if your pet does not travel, or your flight gets canceld and you do not wish to rebook. You can contact Southwest Airlines customer service and under their pet policy, you are eligible for a refund.

Final Words

Customers who wish to travel with pets can bring their furry babies at ease. However, you can check with the airline’s security rules before you go on to the screening device for your pet carrier’s x-ray. You can keep your pet in your lap and hold him to walk through the device. Check the Southwest Airlines pet policy for more details, or speak to the Tripohlz customer service department. We will be happy to serve you.

What is Southwest Airlines Pet Travel Policy?
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