Does Emirates Allow Unaccompanied Minors on Flights?

Emirates Airlines Unaccompanied Minors

How Does Emirates Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service Work?

In this fast-paced world, there are times your child may have to travel alone. And in some unplanned situations, parents and children may happen to be in separate travel classes. For unaccompanied children flying alone, many Airlines have provisions and options. But with the situation where parents and children are in different cabins, Emirates takes the lead. On Emirates Flight an Unaccompanied minor needs to take the airline’s service as long as he is alone in the cabin. The airline only considers a child with a company when ant passenger over 16 years is accompanying them in the same cabin.

If your child is between 5 to 11 years old, you must take the Emirates Unaccompanied Minors service. However, for any child between 12 and 15, the service is available upon request. Any young passenger with this service is the sole responsibility of Emirates staff. So, rest assured, as they will take care of your child. But before you send them, take a look at the details on the Emirates airline’s unaccompanied minor policy.

Can Minors Fly Alone in Emirates?

As explained above, minors can sure fly alone on Emirates without any parent or a legal guardian. The airline only asks for an adult fare to make their bookings. Any child from age 5 to 11 can fly on an adult fare without company. However, rules become different for passengers from 12 to 15. You need to pay an additional fee for sending them to fly with Emirates alone. So, this information raises a few questions in customers’ minds. Let’s take a closer look:

What age can you fly alone on Emirates?

Any young traveler from age 5 and above can fly alone on Emirates. The Emirates Airlines unaccompanied minor age is between 5 and 15 years. In the case of children, you may need to take the unaccompanied minor service, but there is no rule for proper adults. Also, the service is optional for passengers between 12 and 15 years old.

Can a 14 year old fly alone on Emirates?

Yes, children aged 14 can fly alone without any supervision on Emirates flights. However, they need to pay an additional fee if they opt for the Emirates Airlines unaccompanied minor program. Other than the adult fare, the airline charges them a $50 bill as the service charge.

Can a 13 year old fly alone on Emirates?

Yes, for any young traveler between 12 and 15, the extra $50 is necessary as Emirates unaccompanied minor fee if they choose the service. Else, they can fly alone on an adult fare with ease.

Can a 16 year old fly alone on Emirates?

Yes, any passenger past their 18th birthday is considered an adult on Emirates Airlines flights. So, they need not take an unaccompanied minor service and can fly alone freely. Besides, there aren’t any conditions for them to fly to international destinations for flights with a layover/stopover.

What do Unaccompanied Minors Get under the Emirates Service?

Making an unaccompanied minor booking on Emirates Airlines gives your child enjoyment and support throughout. From the moment you leave your child at the airport premises to the moment your child’s flight lands and he’s handed over to the designated pick-up person, the amenities are never lesser. Here is a detailed explanation of the options passengers get:

Airport Help for Emirates Unaccompanied Minors

When you bring your child for check-in under the Emirates Airlines unaccompanied minor at the dedicated check-in desk, you will meet an airline specialist. This person will help the child with every airport requirement and also get them through the immigration and security section. After that, the child meets the cabin crew while boarding.

Young Travelers Get Priority in Boarding

Emirates lets families and any passengers with Emirates Airlines unaccompanied minor tickets top board before others. These passengers always get priority allowing them to settle. The cabin crew helps unaccompanied minors in stowing their handbags and makes them feel at ease.

Support and Care Onboard For Unaccompanied Children

Emirates’ dedicated cabin crew always ensures that your young flyer has a delightful, comfortable, and memorable journey. During the booking process, please inform us of your child’s meal preferences and seating preferences (window or aisle).

Moreover, if it’s your child’s birthday, you can pre-order a cake a few days ahead, and the onboard crew will join in the celebration. To capture precious memories, the airline also has a Polaroid camera for your child to take home snapshots of their flight experience.

Assistance upon Landing

Upon arrival, a specially trained member of our team will be eagerly awaiting your child at the aircraft door, ready to warmly welcome them to their destination. Under the Emirates Airlines unaccompanied minor policy, the agent will help your child navigate through the airport before reuniting them with a parent or guardian.

How much is the Emirates Unaccompanied Minor fare?

As mentioned already, there is a charge for sending unaccompanied minors through Emirates Airlines. The airline will ask you for a $50 cost other than a general adult fare for the seat in order to confirm your child’s flight booking with Emirates Airlines. However, this charge does not apply to bookings of children aged 5 to 11. Only children between 12 to 15 years old need to pay this fee per leg of the trip. Review the Emirates unaccompanied minor costs with the help of an agent before you get to book your flights.

How do I Book a Solo Flight for My Child with Emirates?

If you want to book a flight for your little munchkin, call the Emirates Airlines unaccompanied minor phone number. The airline allows you up to 12 hours before the departure to book such flights.

Moreover, you can use the Live Chat service by Emirates or visit their local office at your location to book flights. The airline gives you enough window to book the service and get the help you require for sending your young ones alone on their flights.

What are the rules for booking Flights for unaccompanied Minors?

  1. Eligibility and Flight Requirements:

    • Unaccompanied Minors service is available only for flights operated by Emirates.
    • Arrange separately for the outbound and return journeys.
    • Young Passengers (YP) aged 5 to 11 years are eligible for the service.
    • Children requiring special assistance or specific care must be accompanied by a fare-paying guardian who is 16 years or older.
    • Young Passengers aged 12 to 15 years can use the service, but it is not mandatory.
  2. Connection Times:

    • The maximum allowed connection time at the airport is 4 hours when the child is connecting to another airline as part of their itinerary.
    • For connections to another Emirates flight at DXB, the maximum connection time allowed is 8 hours.
    • Connection times exceeding 8 hours require approval from Emirates.
  3. Overnight Stays:

    • Young Passengers cannot stay at the connecting airport overnight unless an adult/guardian can meet & care for them in transit. This is subject to approval.
  4. Declaration of Indemnity:

    • A legal parent or guardian must complete and sign a Declaration of Indemnity form before the child can fly with Emirates.
    • Declaration of Indemnity forms are available at Emirates Airport Offices.
  5. Parent/Guardian Responsibility:

    • The Young Passenger’s parent or guardian must remain at the airport until the flight has departed.
    • The parent or guardian escorting the child at departure or collecting them at the destination airport must provide proof of identification.
  6. Passport Retention:

    • The Young Passenger’s passport will be held by the airline while the service is provided.
  7. Service Limitations:

    • The Unaccompanied Minor service is offered only on Emirates flights and is not available with partner airlines.
    • Customers should contact partner airlines directly for information on their services for children traveling alone.
  8. Check-In and Service Fees:

    • Customers are responsible for checking in with Emirates for the Unaccompanied Minors service at the airport.
    • The Unaccompanied Minor service fee is applicable per passenger, per sector.
    • The service fee is non-transferable and subject to refund conditions and limitations.
  9. Free Service for Young Passengers from Japan to Dubai:

    • Young Passengers flying from Japan to Dubai can use the Unaccompanied Minors service free of charge.
  10. Changes to Paid Services:

    • Voluntary and involuntary changes to the originally booked Unaccompanied Minors service are allowed when the flight, date, or route is changed on the ticket.
    • You can not get refunds for young traveler bookings unless the booking and its rules are not under Emirate’s supervision.
    • Submit a refund application to the office after the flight for any details, and the airline may take up to three months after the flight to revert.

Above are the rules that underlie, and you need to follow them all. Also, to make sure you get the best service help, connect with an expert team member from Emirates or get through Tripohlz customer service staff. They will help you book young passengers.

Does Emirates Allow Unaccompanied Minors on Flights?
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