Hawaiian Airlines Pet Travel Policy & Guidelines

Hawaiian Airlines Pet Policy

Taking your furry friends on the plane requires too much caution. If you are traveling to the state of Hawaii, you can keep the caution away, as Hawaiian Airlines will do it for you. The Hawaiian Airlines Pet Travel Policy will help you make a comfortable travel plan for your dearest pets.

Pet parents often worry whether their furry babies will be able to accommodate well on flights. Hawaiian Airlines considers every concern and makes flying with your dogs, cats, or birds hassle-free. If you also want to book your pet flights with Hawaiian Airlines, take a look at the details in the below subsections and plan your journey right away.

What is Hawaiian Airlines Pet Policy in 2024?

2024 has been a year of opportunities after a long setback from the past three years. Many people are resuming traveling and also taking their little homies(pets) with them. If you are planning a vacation with your pets this year with Hawaiian Airlines, be glad as you can bring household birds, cats, or dogs along without much tension.

Below you will find the detailed pet policy by Hawaiian Airlines and how you can make the most out of it!

In-Cabin Pets on Hawaiian Airlines

If you are taking pets along in-cabin, they will count as your carry-on. Here are the requirements that the airline has set for them:

  • You can only take them on Hawaii’s inter-island flights or from Hawaii to Mainland USA, except JFK, BOS., or AUS.
  • Only Cats and Dogs can fly as in-cabin pets.
  • The pet carrier should have permission from the US transportation type.
  • The dimensions can not be more than 16* 10 * 9.5
  • The total weight of the pet and its carrier can not be over 25 lbs.
  • The airline will measure these carriers at check-in.

Passengers can book the in-cabin pets while making reservations for themselves with respect to fees and availability. You can call Hawaiian Airlines pet travel phone number for more information and booking.

Hawaiian Airlines Pets as Check-in Baggage

Pets may fly in checked baggage in addition to check-in. Below you will find all the rules and regulations that incur the following:

  • The pet and carrier should weigh no more than 32 kg in this situation.
  • Hawaiian Airlines has the authority to refuse your pet’s journey when the temperature is too high.
  • If there are two puppies or kittens of the same breed, they may travel in the same carrier but should not.
  • The total weight of a pet can not be more than 70 lbs.
  • The pet carrier dimensions may not exceed 36*25*28
  • Your pet is kept in the passenger flight’s luggage area.

When making a reservation for themselves, travelers can include their dogs as checked baggage. Also, mention their breed, as some breeds are not permitted on Hawaiian Airlines check-in pets policy.

What if I’m Flying Hawaiian Airlines with a Service animal?

You can fly with a service animal or termly Emotional Support animal on Hawaiian Airlines. The airline will consider your service dog as a general pet, and the same policy will apply.

A dog that has been specially taught to carry out duties for the benefit of a qualified person with a disability is referred to as a service animal. According to 14 CFR Part 382, Hawaiian Airlines complies with the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) of the US Department of Transportation.

Animals used for therapy, companionship, emotional support, comfort, or in-training

Hawaiian Airlines agrees with the US DOT in not classifying these animals as service animals for the purposes of air travel. They will be treated as pets and have two options for travel: either in the cabin with our pet policies in place or as checked baggage.

The same two types of travel apply to training service animals as they do to other pets: whether they are in the cabin or in the checked baggage compartments

How much is the Hawaiian Airlines Pet Travel Fee?

To make sure that the passengers do not go over the budget yet they follow the law, Hawaiian Airlines has set up a pet travel cost which they need to clear in addition to their booking costs. You can check the points below to find out the detailed fee structure for your pets.

  • In-cabin pets fee for travel in Neighbor Islands is $35, and for North America, it costs you $125.
  • Hawaiian Airlines does not allow to fly internationally with in-cabin flights.
  • For pets traveling as luggage, you must pay $60 fees to fly in the Neighbor Island and $225 for North America.
  • You can not transfer pets on international flights as Hawaiian Airlines baggage.

You must fill out the form and provide all the details about the animals to make sure there are no problems when you are flying with your dearest pets later on.

Are there any Additional rules for your pet’s onboard behavior & seating?

Yes, you must check all the points below that ensure a smooth travel for your pet under Hawaiian Airlines booking for pets. There are seating and behavioral settings that your pet must adhere to and fly comfortably.

  • Pets are not allowed in the first-class part of the aircraft, the bulkhead rows, the emergency escape rows, or any other seating areas that may constitute a safety risk (with the exception of interisland travel).
  • Your kennel must be stored underneath the seat in front of you.
  • In addition, Hawaiian airlines refuses to accept any pet who is disruptive or offensive, including the following:
    • Excessive barking from dogs
    • Strong odor from their bodies
    • Being Aggressive
    • Hissing or Growling
    • Now sitting properly
  • While at the boarding area, any airport lounge, while boarding and deplaning, and always while on board the airplane, your animal(s) must remain in its kennel at all times.

If you want more information, you can freely speak with someone on the Hawaiian Airlines customer service team and enjoy exceptional fares from the best representatives.

Final Say

Now, it’s time to add a pet to your booking. You can review the Hawaiian Airlines pet policy and check the process to book pets on the phone. Or you can directly speak to a Tripohlz representative for better assistance with your flights.

Hawaiian Airlines Pet Travel Policy & Guidelines
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