American Airlines Vacations- Get Packaged Deals and All-inclusive Vacation Offers

American airlines vacation

Does American Airlines offer Vacation packages and deals?

Yes, American Airlines does offer vacation packages to customers with exclusive deals. Passengers usually tend to book their flight segments individually. After that, they look for other options through different service providers, including their car rentals and accommodations. But this puts a huge burden on their pockets. American Airlines offers customers to club all these options together through their vacation service.

AA vacation packages can help you combine and customize your itineraries as per your trip needs. So, you can add a flight and choose your desired hotel, and afterward, decide your car transfers. But how do you make a customized package, and what are the different options for vacations on American Airlines? To know about booking your vacation packages, you can check all the information in the below subsections and plan accordingly.

American Airlines Vacations – An Overview

If you are looking for a Flight+Hotel, Flight+Car, Flight+Hotel+Car deals, or cruise options, you can find the American Airlines Vacations(AAV) website and plan your desired holidays. The vacations website is actually an official subsidiary of American Airlines that offers you customized packages that include a flight, hotel booking, and/or car rental.

In a nutshell, with an American Airlines vacation package, you get the following:

  • A round-trip flight booking to your favorite destination at a reasonable fare.
  • Accommodation booking options in one of the hotel partners of American Airlines in your budget.
  • Car Rental options with major partners who are service providers for airport transfers and city tours for tourists.

The most interesting part is that customers can redeem their AAdvantage miles to take benefit of all these three services together. Remember that you can club two of the three options, which must include flights with American Airlines reservations through official channels.

Are there American Airlines Cruises?

Yes, American Airlines also offers cruises to various destinations, The top American Airlines cruise vacations are available for the Caribbean, Alaska, Mexico, and Europe, with prices starting as low as USD 174. Moreover, for AAdvantage members, AA has the best themes and deals available on cruising. If you spend $1 as a member, you earn 1 or 2 miles as well as loyalty points depending on whether you got an AAdvantage credit card or not.

In short, American Cruise vacations have a lot for you to enjoy. From Royal Caribbean tours to Carnival Cruise Lines, there’s a lot more left to explore. You can find a perfect vacation cruise option with AA and confirm an exciting excursion in the seas.

How Do I Book My Vacations with American Airlines?

American Airlines offers you simple ways to find a Flight+hotel/car deal and book it for your upcoming trips. You get to choose everything on your own, from your airline ticket to the hotel you wish to stay at, including the room selection. But what is the booking process for the American Airlines vacation package?

The airline offers you both online and offline ways to book your tickets. Let’s find out more about these options!

AA Vacations Online Booking

You can first search for an AA Vacation Deal online on their website and continue to add your favorite options available with the flights to create a custom itinerary. Here are the detailed steps:

  • Find the “Book Your Vacation” section on the American Airlines Vacations homepage.
  • Below it, click on the boxes to choose “Flight, Hotel, and Car Rental”
  • Enter your flight information first, including origin, destination, travel dates preferences, and total number of travelers.
  • Search for a flight and then continue to select an available hotel deal.
  • Choose your rooms as well and continue to the car rental section if you have opted for it in the beginning.
  • At every step, you will see a certain charge associated with the service you choose.
  • Remember to check this fee information carefully whenever something says $0.00, it’s included, or else you need to pay the amount mentioned to add the service.
  • Once you have all the details, confirm the package and choose any activities you want.
  • Confirm and continue with the car rental selection.
  • Finally, complete the payments, which include taxes and fees (excluding checked luggage fees, resort fees, or hotel parking costs)

Use American Airlines vacation promo codes in the payment section to reduce the amount. You can also choose a monthly payment option if your package cost is going over the budget for you in the current month. Apart from this, there are plenty of hot deals and readymade packages available for customers who do not wish to go through the hassle of selecting each and everything by themselves.

AA Vacations- Phone Call Booking

Customers can also choose to call the American Airlines Vacations phone number to book their packages with the help of customer service. The following steps can help you out:

  • Make a call on the official American Airlines vacation contact number
  • Follow the IVR menu to select the option to speak with a representative.
  • Tell him about your requirements regarding AA vacations and continue.
  • Share the mandatory details asked by the representative.
  • Get available deals and options.
  • Make the payment necessary.

After payments, American Airlines will send you a confirmation email to your registered contact with complete package details. You can also use the AA manage booking service to make changes to your package booking before departure with applicable fees(subject to fare rules and terms).

Why Should I Choose an American Airlines Vacations Package?

When you bundle everything from flights to hotel accommodations and car rentals, including activities in one itinerary, there are many perks that follow. Customers can take advantage of American Airlines vacation options and look forward to an exciting trip with the airline. Here are some of the good things that comprise each AA package deal:

Club Everything

With American Airlines vacation package options, customers can club everything from their flight options to hotel accommodations together in a single manageable itinerary. This means they can choose a flight+hotel, flight+car, or flight+hotel+car option according to their choice together in a single booking.

Enjoy Extra Miles

Members of the AAdvantage program have extra benefits when booking vacation packages. For credit card members, AA offers 2 miles on each dollar they spend, and within only AAdvantage membership, they get 1 mile on every $1 they spend to purchase their vacations.

Monthly Payment Plans

With the easy payment options, American Airlines gives you another budget advantage with the vacation deals. Using UpLift, you can choose budget-friendly monthly payments, therefore, purring less burden on your wallets. (UpLift-American Airlines partner)

Redeem Miles for Booking

The more you dive into booking vacation packages and offers on American Airlines flights, the more options you get. One such feature is miles booking. Apart from earning miles, you can also redeem them when booking with American Airlines. These vacation package deals are also available for you to purchase using your miles account balance and also miles+cash. (subject to availability in certain markets)

Help During Booking

In case you are stuck with anything while planning a vacation, you can always ask for help. Choose to connect with American Airlines vacation customer service and enjoy exceptional help from their experts.

So, hurry up and book American Airlines all-inclusive vacations and plan your itineraries with your favorite people. The airline will also let you book a package for your group; check the available group rates today!

Can I Change Or Cancel an American Airlines Vacations Booking for a Refund?

To modify your vacations or cancel your packages with American Airlines, you can connect with their customer service team at 800-321-2121(US & Canada). The airline may charge you a certain fee for the cancellation of your package and will refund the rest to your original payment form. You can also purchase a Pre-Departure Protection to avoid the cancellation costs of AA vacations. Here are the details:

Days Before Departure Normal Cancellations PDP Cancellations
15 days or more $200+any additional fee not included in the original package PDP charges + any nonrefundable charges
14 days or less Non-refundable No Charges except for PDP and nonrefundable component fees
After Departure Non-refundable Nonrefundable

You can always connect with the Vacations customer service team of AA for additional requirements or questions. The airline experts will happily answer all your questions. You can also turn to the Tripohlz customer service department and get additional information without waiting times on calls.

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