How to Change Passenger Name on Spirit Flight Tickets?

Can I Request Name Corrections or Changes on Spirit Airlines Tickets?

If you make an obvious spelling mistake on your Spirit Airlines ticket or your name changed legally, you can request a correction. Spirit Airlines is an ultra-low-cost air carrier, yet it allows you to request a name change free of charge to rectify small mistakes.

Although the airline recommends double-checking everything before you confirm your flight booking, if such mistakes happen, the airline will help you as long as you follow their terms and conditions. Check the details below and understand the different reasons you may need to change the name on tickets and how to change them.

What is Spirit Airlines Name Correction Process?

You can change the name on your Spirit Airlines flight tickets easily by contacting them via live chat or speaking to their customer service expert on the phone. Here are the detailed steps to make your requests:

Chat with a Spirit Airlines Agent

  • Go to the Spirit Airlines official website (
  • Find Their Contact Us page.
  • Look for the Live Chat option.
  • Click “Let’s Chat” to start your chat.
  • A popup chat window appears.
  • Firstly, you’d be prompted to to select your preferred language (English/Spanish).
  • Then, you can select “Chat Now” to connect to the virtual assistant.
  • From the new prompts, choose Flight Details.
  • A new menu will have a “Change Name on Reservation” option.
  • Click it and it will prompt you the reasons.
  • You can select Yes if you are ready to share a relevant document.
  • When the assistant prompts you to attach a document, do that.
  • The airline will then require your trip details.
  • It will match your new details with the existing ones and change them for you.

You can email the chat transcript to your personal ID, and the airline will send the updated ticket details to your registered contact. You can use the new reservation details to obtain the boarding pass and get ready for your flights.

Types of Name Changes Allowed on Spirit Airlines

To change the name on your existing Spirit Airlines reservations, you should understand the different reasons for which the airline may permit you to do so. Here are the major reasons:

Misspelling of Names

If you entered your name incorrectly, like a spelling mistake in your first or last name, and it does not match your government-issued photo ID or other identification proof, you can request a correction. Spirit Airlines won’t charge you any name change fee.

Legal Name Change

If your name has legally changed due to marriage or divorce, you can request Spirit Airlines to change it accordingly. The airline requires you to provide supporting documentation in this case.

What Are the Name Change Terms & Conditions?

When you mistakenly add a wrong or incorrect name on your ticket while booking, or your name changes legally after you have reserved your tickets, you can request a change. But Spirit Airlines has some terms and conditions that you must follow to process those changes. Here are some of the highlights regarding the same:

  • You can correct up to 3 characters in a passenger’s name in case of misspellings in the first, middle, or last name on your ticket,
  • The airline requires your name should match the one on your government-issued identification certificate.
  • You can request small corrections and legal name changes at no extra fee,
  • You can not transfer your tickets to someone else or change your name to another person who is not already booked under your itinerary.
  • If your itinerary has multiple flight segments, you must change names for specific flight segments individually.
  • Usually, the risk-free cancellation window allows free name changes which are within 24 hours of the booking time.
  • You are not allowed to change ownership of your tickets.
  • Supporting documents are necessary for requesting name changes.

If you comply with these rules, you can easily correct your name on the tickets and make sure to travel without any hassle.

Documents Necessary For Name Change on Spirit Flights

To request certain name changes, Spirit Airlines asks for some documentation as mentioned in the name change request process. Here are the documents you need to submit to the airline:

  • Government-issued Photo ID
  • Marriage Certificate/ License
  • Divorce Decree
  • Legal name change document

One of these documents will be necessary, and if you do not provide it on time, the airline won’t process your requests.

What if I Do Not Change an Incorrect Name?

If you fail to spot or correct any name misspellings or changes in your ticket information and it does not match your government-issued identification document, you can not fly. Spirit Airlines does not accept passengers with incorrect information, especially names on tickets.

As long as you correct your name, you can easily fly. Otherwise, the airline denies you boarding your flight, and you will miss it. The amount associated with your tickets will also be forfeited, and you can not rebook unless you provide a strong reason for failing to request the change of names.

How Much Does Spirit Change For Name Corrections?

Spirit Airlines charges a certain amount for name corrections. You can change the name on the ticket, and depending on the type of changes, you have to provide a fee. Here are the details:

  • Name Correction of up to 3 Letters: $225
  • Name Change errors like a Typo: $150
  • Requesting Name Correction Europe Flights: +$250
  • Special approval requirement changes- $175.

This is an estimated fee obtained from the official website of the airline, Contact Spirit Airlines customer service to learn more about the fee structure and request the same.

The Virtual Assistance Couldn’t Help? Call Spirit Airlines right away.

If you can’t find help or assistance for name change requests, you can also call Spirit Airlines. The airline’s phone number is accessible through its website, and you can call directly to connect to airline executives for assistance.

That’s all you need to do to request a name change from Spirit Airlines for your existing reservations. To learn more, feel free to connect with Tripohlz or check with an expert agent.

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