What is Qatar Airways Name Change Process & Policy?

How to Request a Change of Name on Qatar Airways?

If your Qatar Airways ticket has your name written incorrectly on it, you can change it to the correct version of your name. The Qatar Airways name change policy permits you to correct a misspelled name and make sure your travel plans aren’t interrupted.

You have plenty of reasons and a fair number of options to request a correction in name. The airline has set up some simple rules for you to make sure you do not have to worry about changing your names. Read the subsections below to understand the detailed policy of the airline.

How Do I Change My Name On the Qatar Airways Ticket?

If you wish to request a name change on your ticket with Qatar Airways, go to their website or connect to the team. The travel agents can also change the name of their customers using the Qatar Airways Trade portal. Here are the easy methods to request a name change:

Online Name Change Requests

  • Go to the Qatar Airways official website (www.qatarairways.com).
  • Find their Help Center option.
  • Look for Name Correction.
  • Click on it.
  • Enter the necessary information asked.
  • Continue to select the trip.
  • Proceed to add the new name in passenger information.
  • Submit the necessary documents.
  • Agree to the terms and charges.
  • Pay the fee associated with your request.
  • Complete and confirm the process.

Name Change Requests through Customer Service

  • Dial the Qatar Airways customer service number,
  • Follow the automated voice menu.
  • Select to speak with a live representative.
  • Share your concerns.
  • Tell him your trip details.
  • Ask to update your personal information (name)
  • Share the necessary documents with him.
  • Pay the fee associated with the changes,
  • Confirm and proceed.
  • Complete the process.

Can I Request Qatar Airways’ name Correction at the airport?

Yes, you can visit the local airport and see a Qatar Airways desk agent to request a name change. The airline agents will update your name on the tickets and help you go through the airport formalities without any trouble. So, what you have to do now is:

  • Go straight to your departure airport.
  • Find Qatar Airways helpdesk.
  • Talk to an available agent.
  • Share your concerns.
  • Provide supporting documentation.
  • Get the necessary help.

You can get a change of itinerary only if you are eligible because last-minute changes are subject to additional rules and regulations. So, make sure you are able to change it before you go on and make a request.

How Much Does Qatar Airways Charge for Name Corrections?

The airline may charge you AUD 100 or NZD 100 for flight name change requests applicable in Australia or New Zealand. To understand the charges in AED or other currency, you can check the details according to your departure and destination of the Qatar Airways flight.

When Does Qatar Airways Allow the Name Changes?

If you have to correct a name, Qatar Airways will allow you to do so under the following scenarios:

  • Changing the first name due to a spelling mistake.
  • Adding or Deleting a Middle Name
  • Rearranging your name
  • Legal Name Change Requests
  • Adding or deleting an Infant
  • Changing Title
  • Category changes from Child to Infant or infant to child or adult, etc.

After you submit your name change request to Qatar Airways, you have to re-issue the ticket in your updated name. If the airline approves your request, your PNR automatically updates to the same.

In Which Cases Qatar Airways won’t Allow name Correction or Changes?

There are certain situations where you can not request a name change, and neither does the airline allow you to. Here are the details:

  • Your itinerary has flights with other airlines than Qatar Airways.
  • You have partially flown one of the segments,
  • You want to swap your name to a new name or another person.
  • The changes are requested after check-in.

Also, the airline won’t initiate a change in some cases, which are:

  • Your date of birth can not be validated.
  • You have utilized a part of your ticket; it is possible for legal changes, though.
  • You want to travel with two different names under two passports.
  • Your PNR creation is through the FFP privilege club profile.
  • You have checked your baggage already for the flight.

Remember to follow these guidelines in case of name change requests. Qatar Airways forbids traveler from flying any part of their journey with the wrong name to comply with the safety regulations.

Brief Overview of Name Change General Rules

  • You can change or correct a name for up to 3 characters only.
  • Qatar Airways only allows you to change your name once.
  • The airline counts all the names as a whole, so you can not request to change them separately.
  • You can also add, delete, or change PTC, DOB, or ir Infant

If the name change is restricted on your tickets, Qatar Airways will cancel your flights, or you have to comply with the current cancellation policy that applies to your booking.

In case, you are a registered trade portal, you can also use the self-service name change page on the Qatar Airways website to make your requests.

Final Words

That’s all for requesting a change of name on Qatar Airways flight tickets. If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to contact the airline’s customer service department. They will assist you with name changes or corrections for your upcoming Qatar flight. Remember to comply with the airline’s guidelines to have smooth sailing. If there are still concerns about your PNR or change in name, get in touch with us, and we will help you understand each detail.

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