Sun Country Airlines Change Flight Policy

Life is uncertain, and even the best-laid travel plans can go awry. And while airlines offer generous flight change policies, most of us are still scared of modifying our flight tickets owing to the fear of losing money. But thankfully, that’s not the case with Sun Country Airlines.

This air carrier is best known for offering the easiest flight change policies ever, thus allowing travelers to fly on their desired schedule. So, if you’ve chosen Sun Country as your travel partner, make sure to read Sun Country Airlines Change Flight Policy before taking things further. Let the tour begin.

What is the Sun Country Change Flight Policy?

While the airline features a simple flight change policy, it’s still important to go through all the terms and conditions included in the same. Here, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Sun Country Flight Change Policy to get started.

  • The airline allows visitors to make the required changes in the booking according to the ticket change policy and their fare type.
  • Passengers can adjust their bookings within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket for free. However, once you exceed the time limit, all changes will be susceptible to additional charges.
  • While changing the Sun Country flight ticket, ensure that the new flight follows the same route and number of stops as the original one.
  • Customers can either visit the official Sun Country website or dial the toll-free number to change flight date.
  • According to the flight change policy, travelers can adjust the flight date, passenger’s name, seat, and destination airport.
  • If you are unable to travel due to severe illness or physical disability, you can request the airline to extend the validity period of your original ticket for up to 30 days. However, the illness must be certified by a physician in writing.

What is Sun Country Change Flight Fee?

Nothing comes free in this world, and the Sun Country flight change policy is no exception. While you can enjoy free flight changes within the 24-hour risk-free window, all other modifications after that will incur extra charges.

  • Sun Country flight change fee starts from $US 50 and depends on the fare type and the total number of days left for scheduled flight departure.
  • No flight change fee is required when you amend your bookings 60 days or more before the original travel date. Similarly, you don’t incur extra charges if you make adjustments within the 24-hour risk-free window.

How to Change Flights with Sun Country Airlines?

Now that you’ve got the basics of the Sun Country flight change policy, it’s time to learn different methods to make amendments. Travelers can visit the official website to modify their itinerary, use the toll-free number, or visit the airport counter to complete the changes.

Below, we’ve described all the methods individually. Scroll through the details, and pick the best option.

Online Via Official Website

It’s the easiest one to adjust your Sun Country flight ticket and requires basic digital knowledge. Visit the airline’s official site and follow the instructions below to get started.

  • Locate the Sun Country flight Manage Booking option and click to open it.
  • A new page will appear where you’ll be asked to fill the respective boxes. Enter your Last Name and Booking Number, and move to the next step.
  • Your booking details will appear on the screen, and you can now make vital adjustments as per your requirements.
  • Travelers can change the flight date, their names, and the destination airport.
  • If your new flight is costlier than the original one, pay the fare difference to save the changes.
  • Once done, click submit and conclude the flight change process. Sun Country Airlines will send you the new ticket to your registered email address.

Offline Via Toll-Free Number

While the official Sun Country site is thoughtfully designed, it is susceptible to technical errands and faces glitches at times. If you get stuck into any such errors, it’s best to call the airline’s customer service number at 651-905-2737 directly and get the changes done.

  • The airline’s agents are available 24/7 to handle your queries; hence, you can contact them whenever needed.
  • Once you connect with the executive, share your itinerary details and ask them to make amendments. Pay the difference to conclude the process.

Through Ticket Counter

Passengers can also visit the Spirit Airlines ticket counter and ask for details about the Flight Change Policy. Present your ticket and passport to the airline’s executive and see if other flights are available on the same route. Complete the flight change process by paying the fare difference. Fetch the new flight tickets, and continue your journey.

Can I Cancel My Sun Country Flight Tickets?

Yes, sure. Although the airline offers a flexible flight change policy, sometimes, we have to call off the journey. If you get stuck in such situations, don’t worry and follow the terms and conditions in the Sun Country flight Cancel Policy.

  • Flight reservations can be canceled online, via My Trips, or through the airline’s toll-free number.
  • No additional charges will be applied if you call off the journey within the 24-hour risk-free period. However, a cancellation fee will be charged if you miss the deadline.
  • The refunds will be issued as flight vouchers, which can be used for further Sun Country bookings.
  • The cancellation charges depend on the fare type and the days left from the scheduled flight departure.

To Summarize

We can never assume our travel plans to be static until the last minute. And thankfully, Sun Country Airlines understands the helplessness of customers and brings provision for them. With the Sun Country Airlines Flight Change Policy, you can easily modify your existing bookings and enjoy complete flexibility when traveling. So, don’t wait any longer. Make Sun Country your travel companion and fly in style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is same-day flight change available on Sun Country Airlines?

Yes. Travelers can make same-day flight changes by directly contacting the airline’s customer support number.

How do you change flights without paying the Sun Country Airlines change fee?

Use the 24-hour risk-free window to make flight changes without incurring additional charges. Also, no change fee is applicable on flight changes done 60 days or before the flight departure.

Can Sun Country Airlines waive the change fee?

The airline may waive the change fee under a few circumstances, including Climatic Disorders, Bereavement of relatives, Pandemic, Military Orders, and Judicial Statements.

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