How Do I Make a Seat Selection on United Airlines?

United Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Does United Airlines offer You Seat Selection?

Yes, United Airlines offers customers advanced seat selection options and even upgrade facilities. If you access your existing flights through My Trips, you can select a seat with United Airlines. The airline also lets you choose seats at the time of booking on specific fares. However, the United Airlines seat selection policy varies for each customer depending on his route, destination, and booking class.

If you like a specific spot on the plane or want to sit together with friends or family during the flight, selecting seats is a must. Also, when you do not choose a desired seat, the airline will let you choose a random seat as per availability. Read below the associated seat selection terms and conditions, including the process to choose seats on United for more information.

Getting a random seat is not always a good idea, so you must take action and choose your seat in advance. But remember that advance seat selection is chargeable at times, depending on your fare type. To know the exact process, seat selection rules, and associated fees, check the information in the sections below!

How Do I Select a Seat on United Airlines Flight?

United Airlines allows customers to select seats of their choice during the time of booking, after reservations through manage booking, and at the time of check-in. In some cases, you can not make seat selection for free, whereas some fare types offer complimentary seat selection. However, you can purchase your favorite seats as long as they are available. To understand the seat selection process before or after the booking, you can check our step-by-step procedures mentioned below;

United Airlines Seat Selection During Booking

You can add a seat to your flight while booking United Airlines flights. The best way to guarantee a seat on the plane is to select them when you are booking your tickets. Here is the detailed process:

  • Select the book option on the official website of United Airlines.
  • Choose the type of booking you want.
  • Enter your departure and destination
  • Choose the travel schedule and number of passengers.
  • Specify your booking class and continue.
  • Select your flight(s) and continue to provide traveler information
  • Next, you will see the option to choose a bundle offer to select seats and even baggage in some cases.
  • Choose the option with seats, and a seat map will open.
  • Select one of the available seats and repeat for all the flights in your itinerary.
  • Continue to the payments page and pay for the seat you selected.

Once your booking is complete, the airline will send you a confirmation of the ticket to the email you entered under contact information. The email message contains your e-ticket, which you can use for any future changes you may need to make. If you don’t want to choose your seats now, that’s perfectly fine. You can select them later through the manage booking option.

United Airlines Seat Selection After booking

If you didn’t choose your seats during the booking process, don’t worry. You can easily make a seat selection through the United Airlines manage booking option after booking. This gives you the flexibility to make changes to your seating arrangement whenever you need to. Follow these steps to choose a seat with United after booking tickets.

  • Log in to your United MileagePlus account, or enter the Manage Booking section.
  • Provide your booking details as per the prompt and continue.
  • Choose the seat selection option, and a seat map will open.
  • View the seats that are available and select one.
  • Pay for the seats if they are chargeable and complete the process.

You will receive a seat confirmation email from the airline, which you can use at the time of check-in and obtain a boarding pass using this.

United Airlines Seat Selection at Check-in

If you fail to select a seat during or after booking with United Airlines, you can choose one while you are checking in for your flights online or at the airport check-in gate. When checking in for your United Airlines flight, you get an option to choose seats. Passengers who have a Basic Economy or Economy ticket will find seats toward the back of the plane.

Middle seats on the plane offer more comfortable seating options; you can book a middle seat at check-in if you want preferred seatings. You can just follow the prompts during the check-in process in order to choose your desired seat. Use the official website to check-in, and the screen prompts will guide you to a seat map where you can select a preferred seat.

But, before that, you must know the associated rules and regulations for choosing a particular seat on the plane, as well as your seating options.

What are the United Airlines Seating Options?

United Airlines have different seating options for the customers, and each of them has different facilities on the plane. If you are making a seat selection in United Airlines Basic Economy, your options would be minimum, whereas seats like Premium Economy, Plus, Business, or Polaris have better options.

United Seat Types United First
Basic Economy
Economy Plus
Legroom United Polaris offers the most legroom of all the other classes Standard Legroom with normal space and seat pitch More Legroom than standard economy seat
Location Of Seats In the front side of the plane General seating: back side of the plane
Preferred seating: middle of the plane.
In Front of the Economy Cabins
Seat map color Dark blue General Seating: White Color Prefered seating: White Color with Black triangle Blue or purple
Premier qualifying points Yes If you buy Prefered Seating Yes
In-seat power Yes Depends on Aircraft Yes
Complimentary alcoholic beverages Yes   United Premium Plus℠ (international only
Meal services Premium snacks, Refreshments, or full meal service NA
Premier services Fast check-in, security lanes, and boarding
Fully reclining seats United Polaris seats convert to a flat bed measuring 6’6″ with direct aisle access.

Once you understand your United Airlines seat selection options, it’s time for you to understand the underlying rules and then choose seats.

How Much is the United Seat Selection Fee?

United Airlines seats and bundles cost you a certain amount of money. The overall fees for seat selection on United Airlines will depend on your flight route and the availability of the seats. You can choose a seat from the seat map and purchase it if there is an associated fee. With some fare types like Polaris, First, and Business Class United, you do not need to pay anything to select your seats.

On the other hand, Basic Economy, Plus, and even Premium options make you choose seats for a fee. So, remember to check the proper policy details with the airline before you confirm a seat on the plane.

What is the United Seat Selection Policy?

When it comes to choosing seats on United Airlines, there are a few restrictions to keep in mind. You need to check all these rules before you select seats to avoid any later problems.

  • Certain seats are only accessible to specific passengers with elite status.
  • Some seats are reserved for passengers who have purchased a particular fare class.
  • United Airlines tries but does not guarantee you the seat you choose and may change them if any requirement arrives.
  • Some seats may be held for operational purposes, such as passengers with disabilities or crew members.
  • Passengers who have paid for certain extra services or have status with the airline may have access to preferred seats or other benefits.
  • United may reserve certain seats for families traveling with young children or for passengers who need extra space due to medical conditions.

Besides, emergency exit seats can not be occupied by any random passenger, and you may be asked to switch if you choose one emergency row seat. However, the airline will try to accommodate you to a better available seat and help you in any way possible.

Why Can’t I Pick a Specific United Airlines Seat?

If you are unable to choose a specific seat on a United Airlines flight, there might be a hold on the seat. United holds some seats due to operational reasons and never permits seat selection on the same in Basic Economy. If your seat is held, or you can’t even choose a seat, don’t worry. When you check in or are at the departure gate, United Airlines will assign you one from the available options.

Final Words

You can easily choose a seat on United Airlines flights through its website, mobile app, or travel agent. In case you can not find seat assignments or availability, you can call the United customer service team for help. The airline also suggests checking back closer to the departure for available seats as a passenger may have canceled or changed his plane. For more information, get through Tripohlz and enjoy exceptional options for choosing your seats.

How Do I Make a Seat Selection on United Airlines?
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