Does United Airlines Allow Pets on Their Flights?

United Airlines pet policy

What is the Pet Travel Policy of United Airlines for in-cabin & checked pets?

Leaving pets behind while going on a vacation alone is different from what pet parents like to do. But if the trip contains air travel, many of us are concerned about their safety and well-being. Also, only a few airlines offer a secure policy to transport pets. However, United Airlines is an exception. The United Airlines pet policy states that the airline welcomes pets onboard as carry-on and checked luggage. Meanwhile, it also ensures the pet’s comfort by imposing some airline travel guidelines.

Taking pets along is a feeling of joy as a pet parent. Although United allows you to bring your favorite little animal at home onboard, there are instructions you need to follow. In this article, you can find out all the information on booking flights with pets, including the travel rules and carrier guidelines.

Is United strict on pet policy?

United Airlines has set up a simple pet travel policy for passengers to bring their favorite animal on the plane. Though the rules are not that much, it requires everyone to abide by the underlying guidelines. For in-cabin flights, you can bring a cat or a dog on the plane. No other animals mean not any other type of animal is accepted as in-cabin pets. For checked pets, it gives you an option to bring household birds or guinea pigs as well. So, these are the basic things that you need to keep in mind. For the rest, you can check their pet travel rules in detail.

How Do You Prepare for Travel with Pets on United?

United Airlines will only allow cats or dogs on the plane, subject to the availability of space. So, no matter what type of dog or cat you got, you can bring it with a little preparation. First of all, you need to check if your pet fits or not.

Pet Carrier Requirements on United Airlines

United Airlines does not have any policy limitations for pets regarding their weight. Also, you can bring any breed of dog or cat with you. However, here are some carrier requirements that you must follow:

  • Any hard or soft-sided TSA-approved pet carrier is allowed on the flight.
  • The maximum dimensions for a hard-sided pet carrier are: 17.5x12x7.5 inches
  • On the other hand, a soft-sided carrier’s dimensions can not exceed 18 x11x11 inches.
  • This carrier should fit under the seat in your front.
  • Any carrier large than the requirement will be denied.
  • Only one pet is allowed per carrier.
  • The size should be enough for your pet to sit, stand, or move around inside without an issue.
  • The service animals can, however, fly without a pet carrier.

Does United Airlines require pet documents?

Yes. Some countries do not allow pets to travel. Therefore, the United Airlines pet transport policy will not apply if you want to travel United to those countries. However, some countries have strict pet rules, which you need to comply with at any cost. In this case, you will need all the paperwork and documents related to your pet’s travel. The major documents you may need are

  • Doctor’s certificate from no longer than 2 weeks before the flight.
  • Pet’s proof of vaccination.

This is necessary to submit at the airport, no matter if you are bringing in-cabin pets or checking them in with United Airlines. For military or service dogs, check United Airlines policy for them and then book the flights.

Are there rabies vaccination or travel restrictions for pets in the US?

United Airlines will ask you for pet health certificates and rabies vaccination proof for any dogs and cats who are on international travel booking. Any in-cabin pet on international flights with United Airlines must have this certificate. There are additional requirements such as:

  • You should have completed your pet’s rabies vaccine must at least 28 days prior to arrival in the USA.
  • Check the CDC guidelines and countries with higher risks for better information.
  • You must meet all the requirements at least 2 months before the trip.

For those traveling within the US,

  • Get a pet’s health certificate from your vet.
  • Check the certificate for your name, phone, and address for country requirements.
  • Make sure the certificate has information about your pet(breed, age, sex, color, etc.)
  • List all the recent vaccines, including the name and dates they were issued.

Remember to check the reviews for pet travel on United Airlines and their policy for pets on Reddit or any other relevant platform to get maximum assistance.

How Do I Book with My Pets on United

While you book your flights on United Airlines, you get an option to add pets to your bookings. The process to add pets goes as follows:

  • Login to the official United Airlines website and enter your travel information.
  • Under these options, you will get the “Travel with a Pet” option.
  • Check this box and continue with your booking.
  • The next page will ask you to confirm the pet travel fee.
  • Make the complete payment for the flight and pay the pet fee to add the pet during bookings.

Passengers can even add pets after booking. Use the United Airlines manage booking service on the website to add a pet to an existing trip later. Their official mobile app does not have this feature.

Can I buy a seat for my dog on United?

Yes, you can purchase a seat for your dog on the plane. The airline only allows one dog per carrier on the United planes. However, if a passenger wishes to bring more than one in-cabin pet, he can buy another seat by paying the passenger fare and also pay the United pet travel fee as per the airline’s policy.

The airline even allows you to bring military pets and service animals. You can check the necessary details before you book a seat for your pet and get the most benefits

How much are the United Pet Travel fees?

For instance, the airline charges you a $125 fee for your pet’s one-way travel. Another $125 adds up for any layovers that are over four hours for any flight within the US. Also, if an international layover is more than 24 hours, you need to pay $125 extra than the original fee.

United Airlines does not allow customers to pay with their travel credit balance for pet booking. So, take into account all the policy rules before you go and confirm travel with the airline.

Additional Pet Travel Information – United Airlines

United Airlines has some simple tips for you before you pack up for your pet and yourself. If you are well-prepared, you can get maximum advantage over bringing pets:

  • Take all the necessary things to care for your pet at the airport. (For example, Leash, Collapsible bowl of water, plastic litter bags, treats)
  • Make sure to keep them calm on their flight by having their favorite toy, pillow, or blanket with their familiar smell for them.
  • Have your pet’s confirmation number and your own, and head to the ticket counter to check in and receive a bag tag especially for pets.
  • If there is a pet relief area at your airport. Bring them to use the bathroom and more.
  • Make sure once on the flight, the pet must remain in its carrier throughout the flight.
  • He/she may not disturb other travelers in any way, or there will be some serious action.

Remember that as long as the destination you are flying to allows pets, United Airlines will let you bring the ones it allows. Check the United carry-on pet policy or bring them as checked bags along with you. Make sure to comply with all the rules and guidelines while you fly. Do not forget to call United customer service for better assistance with the airline.

Final Words

United Airlines will allow pets to fly with you under their simple pet travel policy.. For more details, contact someone at Tripohlz and enjoy unexpected service benefits from our end. You can also check the airline’s baggage rules for pets as checked baggage and prepare accordingly.

Does United Airlines Allow Pets on Their Flights?
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