How To Obtain Military Discounts on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines Military Discount

Spirit Airlines Military Discount Policy on Baggage and More Honorable Benefits

Saying a mere “Thank You” to those who serve our nation is not enough. That’s why Spirit Airlines offers exclusive discount options for members of the U.S. military and their dependents. The airline provides all active-duty members traveling with them 2 free checked bags along with a free carry-on bag.

Being an ultra-low-cost carrier, Spirit offering discounts on baggage is a huge step in itself. Besides, the airline has partnered with Luke’s Wings and Honor Flights to make sure the wounded warriors of the wars can meet their families or simply fly for any reason. In the subsection below, you will find different discount options Spirit Airlines provides its customers belonging to the U.S. Military.

Who is Eligible for Spirit Airlines Military Discounts?

To appreciate the sacrifices of our military, Spirit Airlines goes the extra mile by offering exclusive military discounts. But who is eligible for these special discounts, and who gets them? Here are the members eligible for military discounts from Spirit Airlines:

  • U.S. Active Duty Military Members
  • Veterans
  • Wounded Military Men
  • Immediate Family of Military Men

The airline will ask for military identification from the members or their immediate family and offer them available discounts. You must provide the necessary documentation to prove your duty or your relationship to the military personnel.

What Do They Get From Spirit Airlines?

All military members and veterans enjoy one of the three significant benefits from Spirit Airlines, depending on their military status or relationships with the personnel. Here is a brief intro to each option you have:

  • Free Luggage for all Active Duty and Veteran members flying with Spirit Airlines.
  • Free Flights for Wounded Warriors.
  • Discounts and rebates for families of the Wounded Warriors

If you are flying due to military orders, going somewhere on a trip, or visiting your family, you can grab one of the discounts depending on your status.

Baggage Benefits for Active Duty Military:

If you’re on active duty, Spirit Airlines allows you to check 2 bags for free and bring a carry-on at no cost, regardless of your reason for travel. This service only applies to those serving in the military and not their family members.

How Do I Avail Military Discounts from Spirit Airlines?

To avail of these special discounts, a military member should provide valid documentation to Spirit Airlines. If you want to avail the Military Discount benefit, visit the Spirit Airlines official website or connect to the customer service team for assistance. Here are the details:

Claiming Military Discount at the Airport

If you choose to claim your military discount in person, follow these steps after booking your tickets with Spirit Airlines.

  • Make your way to the airport and head to the Spirit Airlines counter. Be sure to arrive early to allow enough time for the check-in process.
  • You can present your Military ID card at the counter to bring checked bags at no cost.
  • Apart from this, the airline also lets you take one carry-on baggage for free by registering at the airport.
  • To avoid airport hassle, submit proof of your military status online before heading there.

Claiming Military Discounts Online

Active Military customers or veterans can also benefit from the discounts through the online website of Spirit Airlines. Here are the details:

  • Go to the official Spirit Airlines website(
  • Fill in your travel details, including the departure and destination, date, time, and number of passengers.
  • Pick the flight that suits your requirements and proceed with the booking.
  • While entering personal details, look for the “Active Duty Military Personnel” box. Check it to apply the discount.
  • Click the “verify” button, and the website will guide you to the login page. Enter your credentials to verify your Military discount status.

You can also call Spirit Airlines customer service number 1 (855) 728-3555 to connect with the airline specialists and get assistance with special military or baggage discounts.

Things To remember while Flying as Military Personnel on Spirit Airlines

To make the most of the military baggage benefit on Spirit Airlines, active duty personnel should keep the following in mind:

Arrive Early at the Airport

Ensure you reach the airport early to check your bags at the counter as soon as possible and leave the hassle out of your way.

Carry U.S. Military ID

Have your U.S. military ID card with you for verification, as without validating your military status, the airline won’t let you enjoy the benefits.

Use ID.ME for Verification

Validate your active duty affiliation through the official Spirit Airlines website using ID.ME. It is a third-party service that provides verification services.

Follow these user-friendly steps to enjoy the benefits and improve your travel experience with Spirit Airlines while traveling as a military member.

What is Spirit Airlines’ Collaboration with Honor Flights?

The heartwarming collaboration between Spirit Airlines and Honor Flights South Florida, where heroes of the past are given the recognition and respect they deserve. This heartwarming tale shows the importance of gratitude and cherishing our veterans’ legacies.

In South Florida, there’s a wonderful organization called Honor Flight. With a mission to honor veterans from World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, they offer them all-expenses-paid trips to visit memorials in Washington, D.C. These trips are incredibly meaningful, giving these amazing individuals a chance to pay tribute to their comrades and reflect on their own experiences.

Honor Flight Partnership includes:

  • Free flights for World War II veterans in collaboration with Honor Flight of South Florida.
  • Dedicated flights for veterans to visit memorials in Washington, D.C.
  • A special day of surprises and events for veterans.
  • Meetings with congressmen and Veterans Affairs officials.
  • Visits to Arlington National Cemetery, the Iwo Jima Memorial, and the World War II Memorial.

Overall, it is an emotional and meaningful experience for veterans, as they can visit memorials built in their honor.

What’s Spirit Airlines Offer for Wounded Warriors and Their Families

Every year, Spirit Airlines extends a helping hand to wounded warriors and their families, providing them with hundreds of free flights. In collaboration with Luke’s Wings, Spirit recognizes the urgent need for families to be by the side of their loved ones during challenging times of hospitalization and rehabilitation.

If you are also looking to fly during tough times of war, you can book a flight with Spirit Airlines and discover the airline’s special offers. The airline is still offering vital support to military families and contributing to the recovery and well-being of our brave service members who get wounded in the war.

Wounded Warrior & Families Partnership Offers

  • Hundreds of free flights are provided annually.
  • Support for wounded warriors and their families.
  • Assistance during the hospitalization and rehabilitation of service members.
  • Collaboration with Luke’s Wings to ensure families can be with their loved ones during difficult times.


After you have read and understood all the benefits and information on military discounts and offers by Spirit Airlines, it is time for you to fly high and soar the skies. If you are traveling as an active duty member, get baggage discounts, including two free checked bags. For other members, the airline has extra options available. If you want to know more, contact Spirit Airlines or Tripohlz for information. After gathering the mandatory information, you can quickly start planning your itinerary.

How To Obtain Military Discounts on Spirit Airlines?
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