How Do I Get a Spirit Airlines Military Discount on Flights?

Spirit Airlines Military Discount

Can Military Personnel Get a Discount on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, if you are an active duty military member traveling with Spirit Airlines, they will provide you with two checked bags for free with a free carry-on. We all know Spirit Airlines is an ultra-low-cost air carrier, and it does not offer any discount on additional services. However, to honor those who serve our country, Spirit Airlines has this special allowance that does not charge them for bags.

The airline has also partnered with Luke’s Wings and Honor Flight(South Florida) to make sure that apart from active duty members, veterans and wounded warriors, along with their families, can get exceptional options while they fly for any reason. It’s like having your own personal jet at a fraction of the cost!

To get such discounts on flights, you can read more and understand the details of special fares and offers for military members.

Does Spirit offer Flight Discounts for U.S. Active Duty Military?

Traveling can sometimes put a dent in your wallet. That’s why Spirit Airlines is proud to show gratitude to the men and women in uniform. It offers a military discount that’ll make your heart soar even higher than the clouds. The military discount is their way of saying “thank you” for your sacrifice and commitment to protecting our country. If you are on active duty in the U.S. military, you can easily get a free personal item with a carry-on and two free checked bags.

In short, the discount is in the form of a baggage rebate rather than fare deals for active duty members of the US military. Besides, this policy only applies to the members and does not extend to their family members. You do not get any discount code for getting this military discount offer by Spirit Airlines, but you can verify your status and get the maximum benefits.

What Does Active Duty Military Personnel Need to Get This Discount?

To access the military baggage benefit on Spirit Airlines, the active duty personnel needs to focus on a few things. Here are the details:

  • Arrive at the airport as soon as possible to check their bags at the airport counter.
  • They also need to carry their U.S. military ID card with them.
  • They can even validate their active duty affiliation through the official Spirit Airlines website via a third-party service ID.ME providing verification services.

So, dear military heroes, let Spirit Airlines be your trusted wingman on your next adventure. Just log in to the website, book your flights, and click on the “verify” button at check-out. This will validate your military, active duty information, and you can claim free luggage benefits. No matter whether you fly to the USA, UK, or Ireland, Spirit Airlines military discount benefits are available for all the members serving the US military.

Spirit Airlines & Honor Flights – Collaboration or Tribute?

The heartwarming collaboration between Spirit Airlines and Honor Flights South Florida, where heroes of the past are given the recognition and respect they deserve. It’s a story that reminds us of the power of gratitude and the impact of preserving the legacy of our veterans.

Honor Flight is an organization in South Florida dedicated to honoring World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War veterans. They provide them with all-expenses-paid trips to visit the memorials in Washington, D.C. These journeys hold great significance as they allow these remarkable individuals to pay tribute to their fallen comrades and reflect on their own experiences.

What does Spirit Airlines Offer in this partnership?

Partnering with Honor Flights South Florida, Spirit takes on the role of a trusted ally, ensuring that these heroes can plan their journeys with comfort and ease. Under this partnership, Spirit Airlines customers can manage to make a booking with the airline and enjoy superb offers. Let’s hear the details:

  • On their flights, these veterans are treated with the utmost respect and care, ensuring their travel experience is as comfortable as possible.
  • For some of them, it’s their very first visit to the memorial built in their own honor.
  • Upon arrival in Washington, D.C., the veterans get a hero’s welcome.
  • They visit the iconic memorials, including the latest World War II Memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, paying homage to their fallen comrades and finding solace and closure in the presence of these hallowed grounds.

In short, Spirit Airlines collaboration with Honor Flights South Florida is a testament to the company’s commitment to social responsibility and honoring those who have selflessly served our country. Through this partnership, Spirit Airlines generously provides flights to transport these veterans and their guardians from South Florida to the nation’s capital.

Can US Military Members Get Flights At Discounts on Spirit?

No, the airline does not offer any Military fares for U.S. active duty servicemen. The airline already has very low fares, and it does not provide additional benefits or discounts for the fare price. However, if Active duty personnel are traveling with Spirit, they get baggage allowance free of cost.
Other than Military discounts, Spirit Airlines also does not have any offers or additional discounts in general. The airline does not provide bereavement fares, children or student fares, etc. If you are a senior citizen, you can not even find a senior fare. But you can present your U.S. military ID to get deals on checked bags and a free carry-on.

Does Spirit Airlines Provide Free Flights to Wounded Warriors & Their Families?

Yes. Wounded warriors, who have given so much for their country, and their families are given an extraordinary opportunity to heal, bond, and create lasting memories. Whether they wish to travel to the UK or any other country, Spirit Airlines military discount offers hundreds of free flights to wounded warriors and their loved ones.

It’s a gesture that goes beyond words, acknowledging the sacrifices made by these brave individuals and their families. Spirit Airlines understands that their journey to recovery goes beyond physical healing, extending to emotional and spiritual well-being. By providing complimentary flights, Spirit aims to alleviate the financial burden that can often accompany travel.

Families of Wounded Warriors

Spirit Airlines recognizes the importance of support networks, and that’s why they extend this incredible gesture to the families of wounded warriors as well. It’s a beautiful way of acknowledging the sacrifices made by spouses, parents, and children who have stood by their heroes through thick and thin. By providing free flights, Spirit Airlines enables these families to come together, strengthening the bonds and overcoming challenges they have faced. The airline has a partnership with Luke’s Wings to facilitate the warrior’s families with this special benefit. Through these complimentary flights, they offer a glimmer of hope. Get a chance to create precious memories and a reminder that your bravery is truly appreciated!

Final Words

So, as you envision the smiles on the faces of wounded warriors and their families as they embark on their journeys, let Spirit Airlines inspire you. Witness the power of compassion and the profound impact a simple act of gratitude can have. Let’s honor those who have sacrificed so much. The Spirit Airlines Military discounts ensure that these extraordinary individuals and their families are supported, honored, and embraced with open arms. If you want, you can connect with Spirit Airlines directly or through the Tripohlz team to get complete information on getting military benefits for yourself or wounded servicemen in your family.

How Do I Get a Spirit Airlines Military Discount on Flights?
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