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How do I Book a Flight with JetBlue Student Discount?

Studying is Hard, but being a student is harder. Whether you want to take a break from college or just wanna fill up your empty summer vacation with memories from new adventures, it’s always a huge burden on your student pockets. On top of that, if you plan air travel, you are bound to get some pocket holes. But JetBlue doesn’t want you to go through all that hassle. With the JetBlue student discount available through some third-party website partners, you can get up to 10% off on each flight segment you book as a student. The airline does not offer any student discount for passengers directly, but some of the websites it partners with have great options for students who travel via air. If you want additional details on JetBlue Airways discounts for students, read on and find out by yourself.

How Do I Obtain a JetBlue Airways Student Discount Ticket?

JetBlue Airways may not mention a specific student discount on their website, but it is never regrettable to check. So, if you are looking for a deal that can help you gain advantages on air travel, being a student, check the entire process to avail of student deals. Once you have a JetBlue promo code for students, you are ready to book your flights.

To obtain a student discount with JetBlue:

  • Visit the JetBlue website or download their mobile app.
  • Look for the “Deals” or “Offers” section on their website or within the app.
  • Check if there is a specific section for student discounts or promotions.
  • Explore the available options and offers specifically tailored for students.
  • Select the student discount or deal that suits your needs and preferences.
  • Or, you can enter the student promo code in the necessary field when you book
  • Follow the provided instructions to complete the booking process.
  • Make sure to provide any necessary proof of your student status, such as a valid student ID or enrollment verification.

The specific requirements and eligibility criteria for student discounts may vary, so be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions associated with the offer. Additionally, keep in mind that promotions and discounts can change over time. So, getting a student discount on JetBlue may not always be possible.

Do Students Pay Less for Flights on JetBlue?

When you are a student, it is all about exploring new dimensions and developing new information out of some available facts. Exploration can never be complete without air travel to and fro. With JetBlue flight discounts for students, customers pay less than general customers. This makes it easier for them to book flights with the airline.

The airline offers up to 10% off on the Mint and Basic Blue cabin bookings. You can thus gift yourself time away from studying while remaining within your budget. Some JetBlue partners, like agent world, give discount offers and benefits for not only students but their teachers.

What are The perks under JetBlue Student Discount program?

As a student, you’re in for a treat with an array of fantastic perks tailored just for you. With JetBlue flights and student deals, you can experience something like never before. Take advantage of these exclusive benefits on your next flight booking as an academic student.

Save on Selected Fares

With the JetBlue Student Discount Program, you’ll enjoy discounted fares on select flights. This means more affordable travel options, allowing you to explore new destinations or visit your loved ones without breaking the bank.

Extra Baggage Allowances

We understand that students often have more to carry, whether it’s textbooks, clothes, or personal belongings. That’s why we offer generous baggage allowances, allowing you to bring along everything you need for your journey without worrying about extra fees.

Free Changes

Flexibility is key when you’re a student juggling various commitments. JetBlue’s Student Discount Program offers you the freedom to make changes to your travel plans without any additional charges. Need to modify your flight dates or destinations? No problem. We’ve got you covered.

Free Wi-Fi

Stay connected throughout your flight with our complimentary Wi-Fi service. Whether you want to catch up on schoolwork, browse the web, or stay in touch with friends and family, our fast and reliable Wi-Fi will keep you connected at 35,000 feet.

How Do You Book with

Customers can book their flights by following a simple three-step process. You can check it below and enjoy the student discount benefit until 31 December 2023:

  • Speak to one of the preferred travel agents,
    • Trailfinders
    • Student Universe
    • Southall Travel
  • Verify your status as a student or teacher with the agents.
  • Confirm your booking.

Making your booking means you can combine all these perks above. JetBlue ensures that your travel experience as a student is seamless, affordable, and convenient. So go ahead, book your flights with JetBlue’s Student Discount Program, and embark on your next adventure with ease. Happy travels!

What is the ISIC partnership on JetBlue Flights(2009)?

JetBlue Airways had an all-time partnership with ISIC in 2009 ( International Students Identity Card). This non-profit organization issues ID cards to students worldwide for any courses. Any student who wished to fly within a budget or get a Jetblue Student discount could purchase an ID card from ISIC.

Also, the studying individuals or academics get this for just a 22 USD annual fee, and they keep getting discounts on the flights. ISIC has also listed some eligibility rules for this card. Let us examine them carefully!

How do I Acquire an ISIC Card?

  • You should have a copy of your student ID with the college/school session validity.
  • A copy of the tuition receipt, fee payment, or transcript for the said school year is also necessary.
  • You need to purchase it before you proceed with getting Jetblue discounts for students.
  • The annual fee will also be important to pay in full once the fee applies to your reservations.

Remember that you do not need to worry about the cost. Usually, the flights booked under ISIC student card membership easily recover costs in one or two flights with JetBlue Airways discounts. Nowadays, having the card also offers you many other discounts, like a 15 percent discount at Amtrak, 10 percent off at, etc.

The exciting part about these discounts is that students can even choose their luggage benefits through some of the airlines, which depends on their responsibilities as an academic. To know more details, you can check JetBlue baggage policy and make decisions accordingly.

Are there other websites that Offer JetBlue Student Discounts?

There are not many websites where you can find student deals and offers from JetBlue or on their operated flights. However, has three preferred agents who help you find the best student deal for your next flight.

You can visit any of these websites and confirm your bookings to enjoy exceptional flight deals:

  • Trailfinders
  • Student Universe
  • Southall Travel

They have a tremendous list of destinations available for students. So, make your decision and complete air travel without any problems.

Final Words

Although Student travel deals from JetBlue are a lot beneficial, the discount is not enough. There are many other options, like JetBlue’s low fare calendar and their ongoing deals from time to time which can help you get even better deals. But being a student, getting these offers can bring you better options. Connect with the Tripohlz team to enjoy the best options or get the latest updates on Jetblue discounts for students. Hurry up time has limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does JetBlue Give Discounts to Students?

Yes, Students traveling with JetBlue Airways get up to 10-11% discount on their flight bookings. The airline offers its customers deals and promo codes who are a student in a listed university or college/institution. However, they do not have any extra baggage allowance for students as of now.

How to Get a Student Discount on JetBlue?

To obtain a student deal/discount on JetBlue, remember that:

  • You are a student in the listed universities or colleges
  • You must have a valid student ID

The airline will first verify your student status and then offer you a proper option to fly with multiple discounts.

Does JetBlue still have the ISIC card benefit for students?

Yes, Jetblue built up a partnership with ISIC in 2009. The International Student Identity Card comes in handy for just a certain annual fee; full-time students can enjoy extra discounts while flying with JetBlue.

Are there Third-Party websites that offer Student Offers for JetBlue flights?

Yes, websites like StudentUniverse, Southall Travel, and Trailfinders offer a huge list of destinations where customers can fly for less if they are verified students.

What are the Destinations covered under JetBlue Student Discount?

JetBlue student discount is a program that is meant to ease the burden of hefty air travel fares for students. So, the destination list is the same as the total destinations JetBlue flies to. However, you can check the list of popular destinations if you can’t decide which place to go with this discount offer.

JetBlue Student Discount
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