Attention Military Members: Get Exclusive Discounts on JetBlue Flights!

JetBlue Military discount

Does JetBlue Give A Military Discount to Customers?

Honoring those who serve the nation is always a pleasure. JetBlue Airways proudly serves military customers with its unique services for military, active duty, and veteran members. Passengers can get JetBlue Airlines Military Discount on signing up for veterans advantage. The airline’s military advantage program supports active duty US military, veterans, retired servicemen, national guard & Reserve along with their families. There are ample travel benefits for such customers on all JetBlue flights to more than 100 destinations across the globe.

If you are looking forward to flying during duty or want a simple vacation with your family afterward, you can find out all about Jetblue discounts for military, active duty, and veterans. Read below to understand the airline policy and rules for all those who serve the country.

Does JetBlue have military discounts on Flights?

Yes, JetBlue offers MIL fares which are specially for active duty military members and their dependents traveling for leisure. Under this discount program, they get a 5% discount on the base fare. This is applicable to their special Military class, namely(MIL).

In this offer, they also get 2 free checked bags which are 50 pounds each. When you check your bags, just show the Common Access DOD card, and you can get this special benefit.

Will JetBlue offer a military discount for those traveling for duty?

If you are traveling for duty as an active military member, you can get a bag waiver for yourself and your family. The airline allows you to bring 5 checked bags free of cost, each weighing 99 pounds. Not only you but your dependents can also benefit from this offer as long as they are traveling with you on the same itinerary. Just show the same card and your travel orders to obtain this discount.

What is JetBlue MilVetID?

JetBlue offers a program called “MilVetID” to provide seamless verification for military personnel and veterans. MilVetID is a digital ID verification system that allows military members and veterans to easily confirm their eligibility for military benefits and discounts.

By using the MilVetID, eligible individuals can verify their military status through a secure and streamlined process. This digital verification can be utilized when accessing military-exclusive fares, discounts, or benefits provided by JetBlue and other participating companies.

To learn more about the MilVetID program and how to use it specifically with JetBlue, contact their customer service team and get instant information.

How do I Benefit from the JetBlue Veterans Advantage partnership?

Veterans Advantage is a membership program that offers a range of benefits and discounts to military veterans. JetBlue has partnered with Veterans Advantage to provide exclusive offers and savings for its members. Their membership is available to U.S. military veterans, active duty military personnel, National Guard, Reserve members, and their family members.

  • As a Veterans Advantage member, you can access discounted fares for flights with JetBlue. These discounts may apply to both personal and business travel.
  • You will get a 5% discount on everyday travel with JetBlue to over 100 destinations.
  • Members can enjoy other benefits such as waived baggage fees, priority boarding, and dedicated customer service.
  • They get 2 checked bags of 50 lbs weight each at no charge.
  • There will be no blackout dates for this offer, and redeeming the JetBlue benefits is also simple.
  • You will also earn points if you already have a TrueBlue membership.
  • You can not apply for the military discount at the airport.

Enrolling for Veterans Advantage:

You can call JetBlue customer service at 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) or login to the official website and submit the enrollment form. During the Veterans Advantage enrollment process, you need to verify your military status to ensure eligibility. The airline requires all the necessary documentation to confirm your veteran or military affiliation.

For booking flights, prove your identity as a Veterans Advantage member. You can provide the unique VetRewards Member ID card to verify the discount eligibility and obtain your military benefit for travel with JetBlue. You can also check your eligibility for a 7-day trial enrollment for Veterans Advantage. This can boost your chances of benefits at the lowest price.

Important Note: It is a subscription-based program, and there is an annual fee associated with membership. The fee covers access to discounts and benefits across multiple participating companies, not just JetBlue. If you want to make any adjustments to your membership bookings, use the JetBlue Manage Booking service and make possible changes.

How do I Book a Military Fare with JetBlue?

Passengers can request a booking online and get a JetBlue military discount on flights as long as they are a member of active duty US military, veterans, retired servicemen, national guard & Reserve. Follow these simple steps and get onboard with the maximum benefits:

To book military discount flights with JetBlue using the Veterans Advantage program and MilVetID verification, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Veterans Advantage website and create a new account if you don’t already have one. If you’re an existing member, log in to your account.
  • Provide the necessary details about yourself and your military service as requested by the Veterans Advantage program. This may include your name, military affiliation, and proof of eligibility.
  • Access the dedicated JetBlue page or section within the Veterans Advantage website to search for flights.
  • Enter your travel details, including departure and arrival airports, travel dates, and the number of passengers.
  • Choose the flight that suits your schedule and preferences. Make sure to review the available options, including any discounts or benefits associated with the Veterans Advantage program.
  • During the booking process, you will be prompted to verify your military status using the MilVetID system. Follow the provided instructions to complete the verification process securely.

After verifying, proceed to confirm your booking by providing passenger information and making the necessary payment. Follow the prompts to finalize your reservation.

Terms & Conditions for Getting Veterans Advantage or Military Discount on JetBlue Flights

  • To qualify for the Veterans Advantage discount benefit, at least one of the customers on your reservation must completely understand the program.
  • At the time of booking, you need to verify your status by providing a member ID number to the booking team.
  • You need to pay JetBlue military discount fee/veterans membership fee to confirm your enrollment.
  • Comply with all the terms of the Veterans Advantage membership to continue taking advantage of the 5% discount.
  • Booking is mainly possible through Customer service on JetBlue; you can not make a booking online with this discount.
  • You can check your eligibility for enrollment in a 30-day trial period to discover complete discount benefits.
  • You can not combine this discount with other discounts or offers.
  • Customers can not purchase Vacation packages, award flights, partner airline flights, or baggage rebates on this benefit at all.
  • The immediate family members, which include children or spouses of military persons, qualify for the MIL fare when they are traveling with proper identification.

Does JetBlue have a military discount on luggage?

Any active duty member of the US military can get discount options when they fly with more luggage. This is applicable even if they are traveling with their dependent family. The 5 checked bags are at no charge for those traveling for duty. However, if you are traveling for leisure or simply to move around, you will get up to 2 checked bags at no cost each.

Show the travel orders if you are traveling due to military orders and your valid DoD CAC. Also, if you are traveling for leisure, showing DoDCAC is a must. Make sure to comply with all the weight and size restrictions for baggage and take your vacation to the next level with JetBlue.

For any additional claims or charges, you can check with a Tripohlz team member and get the maximum benefits while traveling as someone who serves the country.

Attention Military Members: Get Exclusive Discounts on JetBlue Flights!
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