What is American Airlines Seat Selection Process & Policy?

How To Choose My Desired Seats on American Airlines?

Are you planning a trip with American Airlines? If yes, you can select your seats in advance and travel as per your comfort. The American Airlines seat selection process is simple and possible directly through the airline’s official website.

If you have a specific seat preference, such as a window or aisle seat, you must choose seats before check-in or book them directly while making reservations on AA. The airline offers you an option to choose seats for free if you have an AAdvantage membership otherwise, there is a fee you must pay. Read more and understand the details of American Airlines seat selection below to make sure you get the seat you want with no extra effort.

Can I Choose My Seats During American Airlines Reservations?

Indeed. You can book a seat preference while making your reservation with American Airlines(AA). The airline allows you to check the seat availability through interactive seat maps, and you can follow a few simple steps to select a seat you like on the plane.

Steps to Pick Seats while Booking AA Flights

  • Open the AA official Website (www.aa.com).
  • Choose your trip type.
  • Enter your travel preferences.
  • Choose a cabin type and route.
  • Enter preferred dates for travel.
  • Continue to view the seat map.
  • Select a seat through the available options.
  • Continue to enter the traveler’s details.
  • Proceed to checkout.
  • Pay the flight fare, including all the fees and taxes.
  • Complete your booking.

If a seat is available, you will eventually be able to see it on the seat map. Otherwise, the seat may be reserved for certain reasons or unavailable for booking. You can call American Airlines customer service for seat reservations for special needs passengers.

How to Pick My Seats on American Airlines After Booking?

After you have already reserved your flight, you can still choose seats through Manage Booking/ My Trips on American Airlines. You can check the seat availability through the airline’s seat map after retrieving your trip information and confirm a seat from the empty ones in your cabin. Find the detailed steps to book seats on AA flights below:

Online Seat Reservations

  • Open aa.com, the official American Airlines website.
  • Click on “Manage Trips/Check-in.”
  • Find your reservation with your last name & booking reference.
  • Choose the segment for which you wish to select seats.
  • Check the Select or Change Seat(s) option.
  • If you see one, click it to continue.
  • View the available seats in your cabin.
  • Choose a seat and confirm.
  • Pay if there is an added fee,
  • Complete the AA seat selection process.

Remember that Basic economy seats are never available free of charge, and you have to pay the American Airlines seat selection fee to choose them. Always check your fare terms and conditions in advance to make sure you never make a reservation that incurs a loss at your end.

Offline Seat Reservations

  • Find the American Airlines seat selection phone number.
  • Or dial 800-433-7300 on your phone.
  • Follow the IVR prompts
  • Choose to connect to an American Airlines live agent.
  • Share your booking details with the representative.
  • Ask him about the availability of seats.
  • Tell him your preferences.
  • Get the options available to you.
  • Select one and ask them to book it for you.
  • Confirm and make the payment.

With the simple steps above, you can get a seat that you like as per the availability. For more details, consult an airline representative about your preferences.

How Much will AA charge me for Selecting Seats?

American Airlines does not charge all passengers, but the seat selection cost depends on the ticket type you book.

  • If you want to select seats in Basic Economy, there will be around $9 to $24 charge as per the option you choose.
  • For a standard economy fare, the seats are for free.
  • If you want a preferred seat or one with extra legroom, the charges may vary from approximately $10 to $22 or more. (depends)

Moreover, you can not choose seats on flights operated by partner airlines. The airline will however, allow you to select seats in Higher cabins like the Main cabin or above for free. Check the details while you are opening the seat map and confirm your tickets in your favorite cabin with ease.

American Airlines Seat Selection Terms & Conditions

You can select seats on American Airlines flights according to your choice, but there are some terms and conditions under their selection policy. You must follow the terms below, especially if you pick preferred or extra legroom seats with the airline.

  • Not all seats are free to choose from.
  • Your seat selection cost depends on your fare type.
  • The airline even allows customers to choose seats at check-in.
  • The airline will offer free seat assignments if you do not select one.
  • You get a random seat, if not selected before check-in, which can lead you to sit apart from your mates.
  • The airline will charge you a cancellation fee for canceling a selected seat.
  • The free seat selection is only available at check-in for those who do not select a preferred seat.
  • The airline will assign you a seat itself while you board when no seat is available at check-in.
  • Comply with the airline’s exit row seating rules if you want to sit in such areas that have eligibility requirements.

After you follow the above rules, you can easily select a seat on American Airlines. The airline will also assist you if you need in case you have to change seats.

Final Say

You can select or change a seat with American Airlines if you want, according to the available airline rules and regulations. Check the process above for reference and select your seats according to your specific needs. For more details, you can consult an airline agent and get the best options for your seating on the plane. Get ready to fly in comfort once you are totally satisfied with the above conditions.

What is American Airlines Seat Selection Process & Policy?
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