Do American Airlines Offer Military Discounts?

American Airlines Military Discounts

American Airlines Military Discount- Can U.S. Military Personnel Get any Flying Advantages on AA?

Are you a military personnel looking for discounts and deals on American Airlines flights? If yes, then you are on the right page. AA honors those who served or serving in the Military by offering huge discounts and deals on its flights. The American Airlines Military Discount is a token of gratitude to the Military personnel for their selfless services. So you are in for a huge saving, and this blog will give you all the required information to avail the special discount.

We are grateful to American Airlines for recognizing the contribution of Military officials towards the nation. Military personnel get various privileges, and this blog will help you navigate the AA Military discount maze. If you want to learn more about the highlights of the military discount, stay with us and scroll down.

How Much Discount Is Offered To Military Personnel By American Airlines?

American Airlines offers a special 10% discount to Military personnel on all its domestic and international flights.

Here are a few points about the American Airline Military Discount for both active duty personnel and veterans.

  • Veterans and active duty personnel are eligible for a 10% discount on international and domestic flights.
  • Military retirees or active duty must have a VetRewards account to avail the discount.
  • Family members of military personnel added to the VetRewards Primary Account are eligible for a discount.
  • You can book an unlimited number of flights for travel.

For further information on Military Discount, you can call the 24/7 customer service of the airline.

What Is The Eligibility For Aa Military Discount?

American Airlines Military discount can help save big for all military Officials and veterans. But before you plan to book your discounted flight, it is wise to know if you are eligible for American Airlines Veteran Discount or discount for active, on-duty personnel.

Here are some highlights of the eligibility criteria.

  • You must have a primary account with VetRewards as a military veteran, active duty member, reservist, or national guard.
  • You are eligible for a Military discount if you are the mother, father, spouse, daughter, or son of the Military Personnel.
  • You are eligible if you are active duty personnel traveling on government orders.
  • If you are a veteran or active duty U.S. military official, you must pay a merger fee of $5.00/mo to VetRewards.
  • You can add 4 family members to the VetRewards primary account.
  • Each family member gets an individual Member ID and can book their separate flights.

To know more about your eligibility, you can connect with American Airlines customer service at ++1-888-985-0043. The customer service of American Airlines is available 24/7 to resolve all passenger issues.

How To Book A Military Discount American Airlines Flight?

American Airlines offers Military discounts to both active duty officials and veterans. The process of booking flights with a discount is quite simple. Scroll down and follow the steps to book your flight with American Airlines.

  • The first step is to navigate to
  • Sign up for Veterans Advantage and VetRewards.
  • Signing up will immediately verify your eligibility.
  • Once your eligibility is verified, you will be issued a Member ID.

Note: This Member ID will assist you in getting AA Military Discount.

  • Once the account is made, use your Member ID and book your discounted flight.
  • The flight booking is made on the American Airlines Private search engine.
  • Pay for the flight, and the savings are automatically applied.
  • Once the payment is made, you will receive a confirmation email from the airline with all your flight details.

Note: This process needs no government ID card, coupon, or promo code.

If you are stuck anywhere during the booking process, feel free to connect with the customer service of American Airlines. Moreover, you can easily modify your booking later on. Use the “American Airlines manage booking” option to modify your current reservation with AA.

What Are The Benefits Of American Air Military Discount?

U.S. military officials, veterans, and their families can save lots and are entitled to several privileges with the Military discount. Some of the advantages of the discount are given below.


  • Active duty Officials gets the advantage of boarding the aircraft in Group 1, but they must carry their government-issued ID card.


  • Active duty U.S Military personnel traveling on government orders.
    • Check-in baggage
      • Maximum 5 complimentary bags.
      • Maximum Limit: 100 lbs and 126 inches.
  • U.S Military personnel traveling on pleasure or Business.
    • Can check
      • Maximum 3 complimentary bags.
      • Maximum Limit:50 lbs and 62 inches.
  • Military dependents also enjoy the same privileges as U.S officials, provided they have
  • Military dependent identification card.
  • Active order copy.

Military Working Dogs

  • When you book your trip, list the Police or Military dogs in detection, combat, or law enforcement.
  • No pet charges for trained active-duty U.S. military dogs traveling in the aircraft cabin.
  • Working dogs must be checked in if they are trained to attack.
  • Check in the pet at the ticket counter if the travel is on government orders.

To learn more about American Airlines Military Discount and offers, visit the airline’s official site or call customer service.

Wrapping up

As a token of gratitude and appreciation, American Airlines offers Veterans and active duty personal discounts on domestic and international travels. The officials can save big and benefit from additional perks too. This offer also applies to the military’s immediate family members. So if you are Military personnel, it’s worthwhile to book your next trip with American Airlines and avoid burning a hole in your pocket.

Do American Airlines Offer Military Discounts?
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