What is Alaska Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

Alaska Airlines seat selection

Enjoy Personalized Comfort on Your Journey with Alaska Airlines seat selection

Comfortable seats are what make your journey enjoyable. If you are planning a flight with Alaska Airlines, the first concern should be a reliable seating option. Alaska Airlines Seat Selection guarantees a confirmed seat on the plane as long as the fare rules and terms do not collide with the one you chose. You can easily find a suitable seat on the plane with a few simple steps.

You can select a window, aisle, or exit row seat, but remember that for emergency exits, conditions apply. To know more about selecting seats with Alaska Airlines, you can read on. In this article, we have complete details on choosing your favorite seats onboard.

Does Alaska Airlines allow you to choose seats?

Yes, it does. If you’re flying with Alaska Airlines, you can choose a desired seat that suits your preferences. Besides, it’s essential to make a seat selection on Alaska Airlines. With this feature, you can choose your seat on their flights and can get past the hassle of air travel easily. The airline allows you to select seats at any time before checking in for your flights.

To make an Alaska Airlines seat selection, you can either check their seat map during the booking process or access the seat maps later through the “Manage Trips” section on the Alaska Airlines manage booking page..

Choosing Alaska Airlines Seats While Booking

The seat selection feature by Alaska Airlines helps you to customize your travel experience and ensure maximum comfort. The airline has an interactive seat map, using which you can select your preferred seats while you book your flights. Here are the steps for making a seat selection during the booking process:

  • Locate the official Alaska Airlines website and initiate the flight booking process.
  • Enter your travel details, including origin, destination, and travel dates.
  • Choose your preferred flight from the available options.
  • During the booking process, the prompt will open to select a seat using the interactive seat map.
  • Take your time to review the seat options and choose the one that best suits your preferences.
  • Complete the booking by providing the necessary information and finalize the payment to confirm.

Check your Reddit account for more details on seat selection with Alaska Airlines. Also, do not forget to check the airline reviews for choosing Alaska Airlines seats for passengers. These will increase your chances of better seats.

How do I get my seat assignment on Alaska Airlines after check-in?

Although you do not select a seat at the time of booking or later on, you get Alaska Airlines seats assigned at check-in. It means if you do not choose where you wish to sit, the airline will offer you a random seat when you check in for flights. However, this will probably separate you from your travel companions.

To make you sit together, the airline also offers you to choose your seats during the check-in process. You can find the steps below helpful in choosing your seats.

  • Access the Alaska Airlines website and navigate to the online check-in section.
  • Enter your booking details, such as the reservation code and passenger name.
  • After you have your desired flight details on the screen, look for the seat selection option.
  • Explore the available seats using the interactive seat map provided.
  • Choose the seat that aligns with your comfort and preferences.
  • Complete the check-in process, review the details, and pay any applicable fees for seat selection if required.

After you complete your check-in with Alaska Airlines, your air travel will be confirmed from your end. The rest will depend on several underlying factors.

Does Alaska Airlines offer Seat Selection for Basic Economy Passengers?

Alaska Airlines will offer you a chance to choose seats in the Basic Economy fare options. Although these seats have limitations, you can still find desirable seating options within this fare class. However, seat selection in Alaska Airlines Basic economy has the most restrictions. Let’s take a closer look at the seat selection policy for economy tickets.

  • Alaska Airlines will permit you to choose seats in Economy bookings.
  • The saver fare tickets and this basic type do not have many options.
  • You get minimum baggage or food choices.
  • There is no preferred seating or upgrade benefit with this fare type

In case you do not select a seat on time, you may get a chance to Alaska Airlines seat assignment at the gate. This happens when your name is called, and you check with the airline about your seats.

Does Alaska Airlines charge for seat selection?

The Seat selection fees on Alaska Airlines vary depending on factors such as cabin class, seat availability, and location on the aircraft. While you see the seat map, the available seats will have all the information about the costs.

For the record, if you want to select premium seats on Alaska Airlines, the fare starts from $89, varying according to the seats. The general fee structure is between $15 to $99. Customers can choose their seats accordingly.

Also, remember that there are some seats reserved for elite members. The saver fare and main cabin seat selection on Alaska Airlines will cost you a certain amount which also varies based on aircraft type and Boeing configurations.

Are there certain restrictions to Choosing Alaska Airline Seats?

When choosing a seat on Alaska Airlines, there are certain factors and restrictions to consider. While Alaska Airlines strives to accommodate passenger preferences, there may be limitations depending on various factors:

  • Different fare classes may have specific seat selection restrictions or fees associated with them. Basic Economy passengers, for example, may have limited options or be assigned seats at the time of check-in.
  • The availability of seats can vary depending on the flight, time of booking, and number of passengers. Popular routes or peak travel times may have limited seat choices.
  • Alaska Airlines offers extra legroom seats, often referred to as Preferred Plus seats, for an additional fee. These seats provide enhanced comfort, but they have restrictions based on availability and fare class.
  • If you are traveling in a group, there may be limitations on seat selection to ensure that all group members are seated together. Contact Alaska Airlines customer service or utilize their online seating assistance tools for group bookings.

Moreover, different aircraft types within the Alaska Airlines fleet have varying seating configurations, affecting the availability and layout of seats. Some aircraft have specific sections with unique characteristics, such as premium seating or bulkhead seats. Check all the rules and restrictions before you confirm Alaska Airlines seat selection for your next travel and ensure a smooth journey.

Seats for Passengers with Special Needs and Accessibility

Alaska Airlines never looks past the passengers with special needs and disabilities. In other words, passengers who have certain needs will also be taken care of. The airline provides accessible seating options, including aisle chairs and accommodations for mobility devices. It’s recommended to contact the airline in advance to arrange for any specific requirements.


If you follow the step-by-step instructions provided in this guide, you can easily select your seat on Alaska Airlines flights. Remember to review the airline’s policies and fee structure to ensure a seamless seat selection process. Should you require further assistance, feel free to contact Alaska Airlines customer service at 1-800-ALASKAAIR or 1-800-252-7522. Tripohlz team also has a dedicated line where you can skip the wait and get information without interruptions.

What is Alaska Airlines Seat Selection Policy?
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